Heroes Reborn – “June 13th Part One” Review

Hello the past. Hiro”s appearance allowed us to go back in time to the day of the summit. We are finally getting a clearer reveal of all the machinations that have gone on prior to the beginning of the show. It is filling in so many blanks. It became abundantly clear that this show was holding out on so much information that would have better informed the characters actions and made them seem a bit less erratic. Instead, they waited until half way through the show to finally do this. It makes much of the first half of the season feel like the characters bumbling around unnecessarily, which isn’t far from how I already felt.

Upon Mohinder’s first appearance, it was very clear that he was being used this entire time. He’s been working for Renautus, but Renautus has been using him for his research. Renautus is pulling all sorts of strings to make the summit catastrophic. Considering all the terrible things we’ve seen from Renautus, it seemed right in line to learn that they were behind the explosion at the summit.

Heroes Reborn - "June 13th Part One"Noah’s hunt for Claire was effective. She had been at the summit all along, however she also wasn’t. It was a giant bombshell when we learned that Claire supposedly died during childbirth. For the girl that wasn’t able to die unless her head was cut off didn’t make sense. It seemed that giving birth was enough to take her out. That surprised me. The reveal that her kids ended up being Malina and Tommy (named Nathan). While it tied together rather nicely and explained why these two kids seemed to matter so much, it didn’t explain their real purpose. They are being sought after, but it isn’t clear what exactly their abilities will do to help the world.

We got to go back to a time where Luke still had a family. What we hadn’t known was that it turned out Dennis had some disease. He couldn’t be in the sunlight. That was strange because we had previously seen Luke and his son out in the sun. So how he had this disease is out of left field. That said, the kid seemed capable of going out side even if he could stand by a window. I don’t know the specifics of how the disease he has work, but it felt inconsistent. Also I really need to note that in the middle of the summit, they stopped paying attention to their kid before the sky turned black. I’m also struggling to see how

It was interesting seeing Katana girl’s father and how he was involved with all of this. He was the one who put Hiro into the game. Now I’m confused by his relationship with Renautus and Katana Girl’s existence.

What did you think of the episode?

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