Sleepy Hollow – “Dead Men Tell No Tales” Review

I’m quite glad that this crossover episode didn’t get bogged down with all things Bones, and still retained the usual Sleepy Hollow darkness. Heck, we were just with our normal cast for the majority of the episode. It was surreal seeing Booth and Brennan who are usually in sterile clean, colorful light, dumped int Sleepy Hollow. It’s always been clear that Sleepy Hollow works with certain hues and stays within a specific tone, but I didn’t expect it to feel quite this different.

What I rally enjoyed was that all of these characters felt very much themselves despite the cross over. I’ve been watching Bones for years now and I’ve grown accustomed to the peculiar behavior patterns of Brennan and the brusque nature of Bones. That was not lost on the crossover as they swept into the world that Abbie and Crane dwell in. It’s clear how differently things run. Booth and Brennan play by the rules, every so often straying. However, I can hardly recall an instance where Abbie and Crane worked within the system. It’s the nature of the supernatural that they deal with, but side by side it’s hard not to notice the differences.

Sleepy Hollow - "Dead Men Tell No Tales"This week they faced the literal undead. I’m not talking about a ghost or a monster, but straight up undead. these undead could speak, take orders, and wield weapons, making them not your typical zombies. Of course these undead  had a close tie to Crane as almost everything does. Undead rising and in the past there was no way to stop them. It lead to the supposed heroes opting to deploy a counter measure of greek fire. So with an undead army rising once again, they need to find a way to stop the greek fire before all of Sleepy Hollow is destroyed.

I’ve mentione before that I don’t care much for Crane’s courting. it just doesn’t work all that well for me. I don’t like this girl he’s into. She doesn’t have much personality. Whenever she’s on screen she feels very twee and inconsequential. She doesn’t hold a candle to the history lover that Crane encountered last season. At least the two of them had chemistry. That’s not the case between Crane and Ms Current which says more about her than anything else because Crane has chemistry with everyone

Corbin and Jenny are still out and about. They may have stolen the shard back, but Corbin’s negotiation tactic may get them into a lot of trouble. While getting a sit down was the real goal, Corbin went too far.

What did you think of the episode?

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