Z Nation – “The Collector” Review

Murphy fell into a ditch where he got to spend some quality time with a z. Despite eating flesh, the z proved to be decent company until the person who dug the actual hole emerged. The man was experimenting on s. What didn’t make sense was that sense was the Murphy was then captured and he didn’t once attempt to talk to try to save himself, until he was facing a saw to the head.. It’s interesting that it took this long for someone to properly mistake Murphy for a zombie. Sure, people have questioned it, but most people are plenty okay with assuming he’s alive.

Z Nation - "The Collector"Murphy’s captor was a bit of a nerd. Other than his obsession with Murphy and what he was eager to learn more. He also had quite a bit of love for zombies. He created a zombie museum. In it was zombie legacies which was fascinating. It’s something I’ve done to a lesser extent, limiting my fascination to essays and conversations. This guy was insane. He cared more about keeping Murphy in his museum than Murphy’s desires.

This guy really didn’t care. He was an eager fan and wanted all control. However, he was able into tap into questions that could hit home. We got in a way a run down of the major things that Murphy could do and what has happened to him over time. The problem is that he has Murphy completely under his whim. His captor is truly is a nutter. Not only did he have exhibits of zombie related things, but he even collected zs. All of the unique Zs that we have encountered were there including a celebrity room that had a zombie George R.R.Martin (complete with jokes about finishing his next book). It became abundantly clear that Murphy needed to get out of there at all costs since he had an exhibit podium already waiting.

Z Nation - "The Collector"The rest of the team was out looking for Murphy. Without him, there is no mission as they aptly noted themselves, so finding him was the only thing of any importance. It was fitting that it was 10k who found him. The two have a lot of tension what with there being something between 10k and Cassandra before she was turned and made a Murphy minion until 10k killed her. That’s a lot going on and it’s nice to see them finally confronting whatever problems they have. Murphy was ready to let 10k die, but wen an opportunity to take out his captor came over 10k saved 10k.

What did you think of the episode?

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