Minority Report – “Honor Among Thieves” Review

After so many successes, Vega and Dash were finally given their first loss. It is absolutely necessary to know that they can’t always win. They are working off premonitions. As they realized at the top of this episode it became clear that they can’t always get to people in time. Thus it was interesting to see them look at a case from the after point of view. this time he’s trying to help work out what went wrong and how to identify the killer. I’m glad that we are finally seeing this difference. Especially since this murder never properly hit the books.

Minority Report - "Honor Among Thieves"The man’s death led them into a much more complicated web that drew Arthur in as well. I have to admit, between Vega, Dash, and Arthur, I’m content with them being the only characters we focus on. There’s something about Arthur that is endearing, but also dangerous. The group of them are on the verge of being a well oiled team that’s spread with tension and distrust. it makes for an extremely interesting dynamic as we watch them.

When Dash ends up abducted it’s all Arthur’s fault. That left Arthur feeling the guilt hard which was good. It is nice seeing Arthur forced into doing something not just providing assistance. He needed to step up and be the primary one taking action. Hell, Arthur had to go in alone and really own up to the fact that Dash was only in danger because of his greed. He went to face the devil to save his brother.

Minority Report - "Honor Among Thieves"I really enjoyed the flashbacks of the precogs just after they were taken out of the milkbath. Not only did they need rehab, but they also needed to learn their place in the world.. Arthur was the one who was the most different. Arhur had this innocence about him. he was just as awkward as Dash. he had no swagger or style. But he was full of optimism even more so than Dash. He didn’t seem to understand social cues. They were taken out of the baths and dropped into this world not fully formed. they never knew how to be people and here they were dropped into the real world missing all the pivotal years. I really liked that in the beginning Dash wanted nothing to do with helping people where as Arthur wanted to help.

What did you think of the episode?


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