Supergirl – “Stronger Together” Review

Kara is fully ingrained with the DEO as Hank Henshaw is pushing her limits. He wants to be certain that Kara is someone he can trust in the field. It’s one of those things where she is a liability. Se needs to train and she’s getting a military one. It was nice seeing kara have to learn to fight for real. After her show last week it was clear that she was not adept at fighting. In order to even the odds with her sister they emitted kryptonite radiation

Supergirl - "Stronger Together"Kara isn’t handling this superhero thing all that well. For one she is a bit of a bumbling hero. For all her good intentions she still messes up. For one rather than saving the oil tanker fire, she stopped it only to spill oil all in the water. It was a catasotrophe. Which meant that Kara needed a bit of a confidence booster sine things just weren’t going her way. Even her boss thinks Supergirl is spreading herself thin, tackling things bigger than she can handle yet.

That means Kara decided to take another method of tackling things. She needs to start small and that was in no way a bad idea. Unfortunately we never actually got to see that happen. Instead she was roped into saving her sister at the last minute. There she confronted her Aunt. She didn’t know that her Aunt Astra had been sent to fort Ros when Krypton exploded.

Supergirl - "Stronger Together"Her boss on the other hand is dead set on getting a one on one interview with Supergirl. She wants to know what the hero is doing and why she keeps failing. Who knows what else the woman wants from Supergirl, but she knows that it will get her the exposure and headlines that she wants to stay on top. She made it more than abundantly clear that James was there simply because of his connections. It wasn’t hard to piece together that James would likely have a connection to Supergirl and she threatened his position. Of course, Kara would cave to help James out. Even if he wasn’t someone she could confide in she probably would have done it if she knew someone would lose their job over it. However James was more conflicted. He doesn’t like being the guy with connections and wants to be appreciated for his work.

I know that it is very early in the season and we have a lot of time to get to know everyone, but I’m getting the sense that this show is not going to focus on the other characters as much. Instead focus remains on Kara. It is her show, but without the support of her cast the show will become shallow in time. I hope in the near future we begin to see more development from the others.

What did you think of the episode?

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