Agents of SHIELD – “Among Us Hide” Review

May is out for blood and all the blame is falling on Hunter. May is ready to beat the crap out of him for putting Andrew’s life in danger. Thankfully, he did manage to survive the attack with the help of a SHIELD agent who had turned up. The first person she let her fury out on was Bobbi. Considering that Hunter was gungho because of Bobbi, May went to the source. However, it wasn’t just for kicks, but to get Bobbi back in the field fighting her own battles.

Agents of SHIELD - "Among Us Hide..."I didn’t know how much I needed to see May and Bobbi together. Alone they are each a force to be reckoned with. They are probably the fiercest fighters on the team and we hadn’t seen them pair up previously. The two of them working together provided an interesting dynamic mainly because Bobbi is eager but hesistant. She tried to talk things out rather than fight and May called her on that. When you look at the Bobbi on the team now and compare it to the woman we saw early on, it’s clear that they are at very different places. This Bobbi lacks the confidence that she used to exude. She is still competent, but she’s also scared.

Daisy is still on her mission to figure out who exactly Lash is. Per Coulson’s orders they need to stay under the radar and not upset the ATCU. It was not surprising that things all pointed to Banks. However it was Hunter’s time with them that ended up pulling more problems. It was rather amusing to see Hunter pretty much just lose it. Hunter was always a bit of a loose cannon, but this season’s he’s become dangerous and haphazard. He blazes into situations and doesn’t think much about how badly things could go. That said, he’s still useful. Despite his poor method’s he did get Mack and Daisy what they needed, Banks blood to run tests against. If he is an inhuman he’d have the markers.

Agents of SHIELD - "Among Us Hide..."It wasn’t that surprising that Banks was not the inhuman. Daisy and Mack had been so determined and against Banks even before they suspected someone at the ATCU to be Lash. Instead their investigation only led to discovering that the ATCU is practically harvesting the inhumans. Sure they are not being harmed, but the aren’t being helped or given any autonomy. It’s a bad situation and even mack is not for it. Have I mentioned that I really enjoy the Mack and Daisy dynamic.

The real surprise this episode came from the reveal of who Lash is. It turned out that the story that Andrew told was not true. It was actually him who turned into to Lash to protect himself then shifted back. This reveal is one that doesn’t really shock me because my boyfriend called it even though he didn’t remember doing so. Other than that, it doesn’t make total sense that Andrew is Lash. Sure, it is going to add tension. There will be a lot of great material. However, I’m struggling to see the logic behind doing what he is doing unless his transformation either effected his mind or he’s been hiding a lot for a long long time.

What did you think of the episode?

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