Limitless – “Brian Finch’s Black Op” Review

Brian was supposed to have a nice day off. He faked being sick, managed to trick Mike and Ike. Then just after he gets ready and leaves the house he gets knocked out and pulled into a black op mission. The problem that is probably clear to anyone who knows what a black op is knows that Brian is not trained for this. He has no training for this sort of thing. Even being on NZT truly wasn’t enough. He was in a position where people were dying. No dying is quite the right word. Everyone around him was being killed for either the Russian man or for the NZT. Brian was just put into the worst situation ever.

Limitless - "Brian Finch's Black Op"Everyone else in the FBI that Brian knew were doing everything they possibly could to get Brian back safe. They searched down the CIA contacts who went over their heads and found a way to get Brian for their use. It got them in this mess and they had to try to unravel it. That said, their part of the episode was rather lackluster. This didn’t surprise me because the heart of the show is Brian. They have yet to figre out how to make any of the other characters interesting. That includes his partner who is managing to grow more and more dull each episode. She should be a more compelling character. It is nice to know that they have Brian’s back, i just wish i cared about even one of them.

It’s frustrating seeing that this show has so much potential. However, over the past few episodes it has dived further into the procedural tropes. We are losing characters and that makes them feel less real. This show could be so much more especially since the plot lends itself to being a successful procedural, but also seeded the importance of the story. That has faded away and it is making the quality dip a bit. I’m sure the focus on just the procedural elements makes the show more accessible to a casual viewer. however, for me it is giving me less reason to tune in every week.

As such, I’m going to mention that depending on the reception of this review I will stop review this show unless the episode focuses more on the overarching plot. So if you would like me to continue reviewing this show make sure that you like this review.

What did you think of the episode?

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