Scream Queens – “Beware of Young Girls” Review

Chanel #2 finally had her funeral. It was exactly the kind of affair that one would expect on this show. It was filled with insults and more than just a little shade thrown in everyone’s direction. Which led to all the girls using a ouji board to talk to Chanel #2. All she did was point out that Chad was cheating on her. Things got even more weird on the Chanel #2 front was a weird visit from the dead to Chanel. Sure, it was just a dream, but it clued Chanel into the fact that the other girls were going to try to kill her. A tactic the girls thought would make all their problems go away. Rather than being angry, she berated them for their incopetence and inability to figure out how to kill her, then got them on her side again. You have to give

Scream Queens - "Beware of Young Girls"Let me say that Chad is by far my favorite character on the show. Time and time again he proves to be absolutely ridiculous.This time around he wasn’t in the episode much, but it gave us the chance to see him in bed with a goat. Sure, he made an excuse about being lactose intolerance.

After the death of her ex-husband, Dean Munsch ended up locked up in an asylum. Sure at first she thought it was a joke that she was being arrested, but it turned out they had connected her to the murders. Munsch however was enjoying her time in the asylum. It gave her a chance to relax. All she ended up doing was sending Grace to research more. She knew she did it and knew exactly how to plant all the evidence to get Feather imprisoned. She killed her ex husband and got Feather out of the way.

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