American Horror Story: Hotel – “Room Service” Review

Alex decided to become like her son. Being a vampire all of a sudden and craving blood can’t be an easy thing. While still being a doctor and trying to do her best by helping her patients is nice. However, she’s also making bad decisions. Other than drinking bags of blood in the store room. She’s also using her blood to bring her measles patient back to life. It really is just a string of poor decisions that all suggest that this woman should not be making any life changing decisions. You can’t just go wantonly making people vampires.

Now Alex has a young kid wandering around school. The scariest part about it was that he killed his mother. He went about killing people at his school. He went turning all the kids in his class. They all fed off the teacher and principal. The phrase became drink because it would make them feel awesome. It got out of hand real fast, but it wasn’t surprising either considering how uncontrolled the situation was. When the Countess turned people she kept her kids and taught them, cared for them. Alex just turned a kid not even knowing what it meant herself and then let them free. They orchestrated a massacre in their school then covered it up. Which meant they were all turned lose on the world to kill even more. Good job Alex.

American Horror Story: Hotel - "Room Service"After Donovan brought Iris back he immediately went to work with Ramona. Iris was his in. She’s over looked and got him in. Pretty much everyone that looked at Iris saw right through her new vampire state. Yet at the same time everyone also managed to look right past her. She is tragic. She’s a disaster. yet, what was most depressing was that she got a new lease on life only to be upset by it.

The problem of this season of American Horror story is again the fact that there is no solid plot. There are things going on. characters have motivations. however there is no cohesive plot. There is no goal. Instead we spiral down these trips with characters. Sometimes we learn more about them. Other times we don’t.Things happen in the episodes and they don’t pull things together. Not within the episode. The few plotlines that we have are handled with irregularity to the point that I almost forget about them.

What did you think of the episode?

2 thoughts on “American Horror Story: Hotel – “Room Service” Review

  1. Gosh you are so dead on! I swear I felt like I was on a drug induced trip just jumping from one situation to the next and no solidity or getting to the “main focus or point” which I still have no clue about ….
    Maybe they meant to make the show this way and have us rattle our brains and come up with our own ideas as to what the goal might be etc etc.
    I suppose down the line they will the add those bits and pieces and we will see the clear picture. For the life of me I have to go back and watch certain parts of the show a second time because I forget certain things too.
    Liz is just one interesting character. I enjoy Liz a lot, especially when she was shocked and her mouth was to ground when the countess sliced her business partners neck. Priceless! I had to laugh.
    I wander if the countess will find out Alex’s foolish indiscretions. Doesn’t she watch the news or something?? Maybe she’ll have to send Alex to clean up her mistake. Or she did mention being in the sunlight. They will most likely get sick and just die off very soon because they were not given the knowledge of how to keep their immortality. The countess did say to keep their immortality they have to be smart .
    Thinking about the show now, I strongly believe it was meant to have the viewer in this state. Tumbling down the the rabbit hole ehh? these bits and pieces will come together and we will get that clear picture in due time. 🙂

    • I’m really hoping that things all come together, but if past history of the show is any indication, that isn’t necessarily a guarantee. Usually the tighter the plot is throughout the season, the more it comes together in the end. Right now I’m thinking it may end up being more like a horror slice of life.

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