November Update

Hello. As many of you long time followers may know November is a notoriously busy month for me. This is largely because I become entirely consumed with NaNoWriMo. That means my writing time gets cut. I do make sure to maintain my episode reviews, but time to write individual posts dwindle. In the past I’ve dropped down to three posts a week, one of which was my NaNo Update.

This year we are in a slightly different situation. Each week I am aiming for four posts. Two book reviews (which I have been doing consistently for a whle now) on Tuesday and Thursday, one NaNo update on Friday, and one curated post each week. This week that is this post letting you know how the rest of the month will go. The curated post will go live at the usual time 11am central, but will go up on either Monday or Wednesday depending on my schedule.

This isn’t too different from my usual posting, but I just wanted to let you know things were going to be a bit more sparse until the end of the month.

If there are any posts you’d like to see let me know in the comments.

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