Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs

Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs
Library of Souls
by Ransom Riggs
My rating: 4.25 of 5 stars

This was going to get a 4, but its rare to run into an ending so satisfying it feels perfect. It really does feel increasingly rare that endings are both satisfying an logical. It’s one thing to close up all threads. It’s another to make everything perfect or everything grim. Library of Souls managed to strike a balance in it’s ending that left me feeling good about the entire experience.

I just want to note that while I am not going to spoil this book, there may be things that can be considered spoilery about the previous books. You’ve been warned.

Let’s just start by saying that I have never been a particular fan of Jacob. There was something creepy about the way the he loved his grandfather’s girlfriend. Something just always unsettled me about it. Also the fact that he was kind of a jerk to the people who were close to him in his life. Then he stumbles on the peculiars and suddenly he’s willing to give up pretty much everything else. No. Jacob is not particularly a likeable protagonist. However, he was never so unlikeable that I didn’t want to go on the journey with him. That said I still enjoyed being with him as he grew as a person. Yes, I wish that he did grow more over the course of the books. Hoever, he did come to realize a bit that those in his life were important. I just wish he had a bit more growth.

One of the things I was particularly sad about was the lack of peculiars. No, that isn’t quite true. I should say the lack of our peculiar friends. We spent most of the time with Emma. I’ve never been a big fan of hers so I found myself missing the captivating personalities of the other children. Not having them around for the majority of the novel was disappointing. After getting to know them so well in Hollow City I was hoping we’d continue to get more.

I quite enjoyed the back story that fleshed out Miss Peregrine. Not only did we properly meet Caul, one of her brothers. We got to know a whole lot about the entire family. The history of their relationship was rather interesting with plenty of twists and turns. I did find it disappointing that Miss Peregrine was so filled with hate toward her family. In many ways it fit what little we knew about her, but it was also disappointing.

We also saw the introduction of a few new characters who each had their own quirks. One of the things that this story has done so well is to present unique characters with quirks and faults that feel logical. Instead of having a bunch of similar bodies moving through the world they feel like real people.

Throughout the book we are watching Jacob learn to use his new ability. It was an interesting turn when we saw it at the end of the last book. Watching him actually implement this ability didn’t quite feel as smooth. Yes, his frustration at not being able to instantly master the ability felt genuine. He needed it so desperately and things just didn’t also work in his favor. However, I felt like this was an ability that felt rushed. It would have been so much more gratifying if we got to see him learn and master his skill over time. It was such an interesting element that we just didn’t get enough time to spend with and see the true extent of what he could do.

So at the end of the day. I really enjoyed this book. It was a lot of fun. it closed things up. It addressed all the threads that were opened throughout the books.

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