Sleepy Hollow – “This Red Lady from Caribee” Review

Pandora is out to wreak havoc. She released a soucouyant a creature from Caribbean lore. A bite from one of these things ends up killing a person within hours. Not to mention that it is spreading like an epidemic. The soucouyant is really causing problems among them. What was most eerie was that before death a swarm of bugs burst out the wound. More importantly, we saw just how much it effected a person when Reynolds was bit. It drove paranoia into the victims and targeted people in power.

Sleepy Hollow - "The Red Lady From Caribee"The soucouyant manifested as a fly lady. More importantly she could break her body down to be made entirely o lies. She was a troublesome opponent that was tangible and presented an immediate threat. The problem was that despite the threat that the soucouyant posed. Unfortunately it elt like it was a little too easily resolved. This isn’t to say their method of stopping the problem didn’t bother me. I just felt like the stakes didn’t raise quite enough despite Reynolds being in jeopardy.

Everything ties back to damn Bestsy Ross. If she keeps getting mentioned i’m going to beat something. I don’t believe that she’s tied to every thing that comes up. Other than the fact, that I don’t like her. It’s frustrating when we see something so convenient over and over. it’s improbably and annoying at this point.

Sleepy Hollow - "The Red Lady From Caribee"Jenny and Corbin have been getting closer this season They work well together. One thing that is working for them is that while they still interact with the others, they are mainly on their own plot line. They have their focus and it is serving as the main throughline through the season. What I’m enjoying most about it is that their chemistry. I don’t always believe how they handle the situations they are pt in. But I do believe that Corbin cares a lot about Jenny. From the looks she gives him, it seems that she feels the same and more. I’m a sucker for romance, so I’m quite pleased with this pairing as they balance each other out, while still having similar drives. I’m also glad that Joe is getting some meatier material. If he’s going to be included he needs some viable things to do and not just be a tag along. The bad news bears of their entire shard chase was it absorbing into her hand not long after she’d received a warning that her fate had changed and she needed protecting.

What did you think of the episode?

One thought on “Sleepy Hollow – “This Red Lady from Caribee” Review

  1. I do love Sleepy Hollow, but answers/resolutions do come a bit too readily at times. The whole “I saw this in a book” works for Ichabod because he’s supposed to have a photographic memory, but for the other characters it almost adds a bit of comedy (when it’s not supposed to). But the writers have to do this since you can’t have too much lingering and pondering when you’re cramming a lot of stuff into an 40- to 45-minute show. Still, the plot lines this season seem a bit scattered so I hope they do resolve themselves into something cohesive.

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