Heroes Reborn – “June 13th Part Two” Review

Everything about June 13th is convoluted and with it finally makes the show a bit more compelling. It also complicates things. It was interesting to watch how things went a bit haywire. The focus seemed o be on the aftermath of the tragedy of June 13th.

Heroes Reborn - "June 13th Part 2"Hiro was supposed to take the kids back in time to . However they ended up in the right time, 1999, but the wrong place. Still in Oddessa it quickly became clear that Hiro could no longer use his power. It was completely dead in the water. At that time Angela realized that the boy was a Petrelli. That meant that Claire had a kid with a Petrelli. The problem is he sucked away Claire’s power which is what killed her and then sucked away Hiro’s power. That meant Hiro and Angela needed to raise the kids separate. It was really cute to see Hiro so settled into the role of Nathan’s dad. It is by far the best dynamic I’ve seen on the show. There was something genuine there that I enjoyed. Hiro trained Nathan. He made him what he is now. It was kind of painful to know that everything about Hiro was erased from Nathan’s memory.

Quentin was hell bent on getting to his sister Phoebe. It turned up mostly fruitless. Hell he saved the wicked Kravid in order to see his sister. He had suspicions of Kravid and he still helped. But what was more painful was that the future was changed in such a way that now Quentin is Kravid’s loyal minion reporting back to her.

Then there was HRG who quickly encountered his former self. It was that interaction where things were interesting. Seeing him play against himself was unfortunately abit cheesy. It was with him that we saw a number of interesting interactions. Matt made his first reappearance as yet another one working for Erica. He could have pulled all the information he needed from Noah, but having already had part of his memories erased he was useless.

Heroes Reborn - "June 13th Part 2"Luke and Joanne got confirmation that their son was indeed dead rather early on. Luke proved to be one who cared in times of need. He helped a man who was downed, but when the man came to thank him, Joanne lost it. She called him nasty names as he apologized then attacked him. When he retaliated, he knocked her off him which caused Luke to lose it, but he couldn’t go against ice. Joanne used the opportunity to stab the evo to death. It was disturbing seeing that smile. She was just so contented with her murder. Practically giddy and it made no sense. It was disturbing to see.

Carlos made an appearance this week. I found myself unable to really care. However it was interesting to see that he had prior interaction with Malina’s former care giver. He came off like a prick which didn’t help his likeability.

I can’t help but feel like while this was definitely their plan all along, it feels like a midseason course correction. All the dyanmics we saw earlier in the season have been altered. While things are the same, many things are different.

3 thoughts on “Heroes Reborn – “June 13th Part Two” Review

  1. I love that switch in Quentin! I liked his character before them but the switch helps to hype the show a little. I’m not sure if I like where the show is going. Time travel always confuses me.
    And Joanne being giddy about killing didn’t make sense to me either. I wondered the entire time how they got from worried parents to bad-ass killers but I think it was too sudden. I like her hysterical laughter (foggy in my mind but I recall some laughing) because it made the scene disturbing but I think it would have worked better after a second kill, like after she talked and convinced herself that killing evos makes sense.

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