Z Nation – “Rozwell” Review

The group ended up in Roswell and it just so happened that they experienced an unidentified flying object. yes, that’s a little cheesy, but very fitting for this show. Since they didn’t know what flew over head they checked it out and found something that had crashed. However it wasn’t what was flying over head the night before. That did draw them closer to a community of extraterrestrial lovers. They didn’t believe they would be abducted, but inducted. It was like a mini cult, but far more amusing. The problem was they thought Murphy was their emissary.

These extranauts included an actor from Galaxy Quest, Bernadette. it was quite fitting and proved a nice little nod to science fiction, much like the joke about George R. R. Martin not finishing his book. Everyone there believed in aliens. It became very clear that they didn’t all believe in them in the same way. We met one such man who believed the aliens weren’t there to save them, but thought the aliens were already there. Seeing them pitted against each other was amusing.

Down they went through the rabbit hole with Bernadette. Below they found the military base that they suspected was there. However down there they saw a strange creature that looked like it could be alien. They also found some cool tech that was straight out of science fiction. That put Addy in her techie space which we hadn’t seen for a while. She’s good at that and I’m glad it could still be incorporated. The rest of the group went to see the aliens. Bernadette was a creepy character on her own as she jumped through space and seemed to be able to just disappear and reappear. When a large confrontation with these aliens went south they stumbled on some cool alien weaponry. It was rather complicated, but in the end there were no aliens.

One thing that is a little upsetting is that we haven’t seen much of Citizen Z this season. In fact, I don’t remember seeing him at all since the second episode. While I’m glad they are not shoehorning him into the plot when they don’t have anything to do with him, I do want to check in with him. It would be live if he had something going on. I understand that he was a difficult character being alone. They don’t want to retread plots and make him feel like an annoyance rather than an addition. They just did a good job at making Citizen Z someone you could root for and had a certain awkward charm. So it feels too much like we are missing a part of the family.

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