Doctor Who – “The Zygon Inversion” Review

I enjoyed getting to see where our Clara was as her Zygon doppelganger wreaked havoc. Trapped in her pod, she was also trapped in her head in a replica of her apartment. However she wasn’t simply just trapped a point of reference for her Zygon counterpart. She had the ever so slightest control, but it wasnt even close to being enough to stop the explosive from going off. It seemed to be enough hesitation to allow the Doctor and Osgood to get out of the plain. Clara is just not the kind of girl who will just sit back and let things happen she fights until she can’t any longer. She asserted her control again and again.

Doctor Who - "The Zygon Inversion"I quite enjoyed seeing The Doctor paired up with Osgood. They made for quite a team. She’s another one of those brilliant companions. It was quite thrilling. Unfortunately, after a while she kind of faded a bit to the background. Kate also arrived completely herself and not Zygon. It wasn’t actually a surprise because she’s rather crafty. She doesn’t just allow herself to be bested.

Bonnie, the Zygon masquerading as Clara was very busy. She’s leading this charge for the faction of Zygons. They want to be accepted in this world as they really look, thus she needs to try to expose what Zygon’s look like. Bonnie wants to cause problems. So she turned one of the peaceful Zygons who simply wanted to live his life back to his natural state. He tried to fight it, but there was nothing that he could do to keep himself from looking like his natural state. It was unfortunate to watch as he was so filled with regret, remorse, and hopelessness. He just wanted to live in peace.

Bonnie was after the Osgood box. It held the opportunity to out her people and thus was the perfect instrument for her plan. She managed to manipulate out the location from Clara. Getting into the box and using it effectively wasn’t quite as simple. Mainly because like the Osgoods there were two boxes. Each identical in almost every way only slightly different. On each object was the option for either Truth or Consequences.

Doctor Who - "The Zygon Inversion"Things were finally settled in a rather similar fashion as things were solved back in Day of the Doctor. It was resolved with the Doctor being smart and them finally negotiating a peace. After all these are people that just want to live only being hostile to get their way. It would have been nice for the resolution to feel a bit different. What ended up being rather interesting was that the other Osgood hadn’t died. They were filled with little ticks. I know there was a difference between the two. Someone better than me would be able to tell the difference. i can not pick out which was which. I’m also not entirely willing to rule out that the Zygon Osgood had indeed died and then Bonnie took over as the new Zygon Osgood. I truly don’t know.

What did you think of the episode?

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