Supergirl – “Fight or Flight” Review

I’m still a little bit boggled that Cat Grant went through the entire interview not realizing that it was her assistant. I know that last week that they tried to explain it away by saying that people don’t want to believe what was right in front of them. Sure, Cat belittles Kara on a regular basis, but it makes her a pretty terrible reporter if she can’t recognize it. That said, it’s frustrating for her not to even have the slightest inkling. If she does, then she’s hiding it really well.

Supergirl - "Fight or Flight"This week we met Reactron. He’s a tough guy who was established as someone that even Superman couldn’t beat. However, the DEO doesn’t want Supergirl messing with Reactron any more because Reactron is a human. He uses all sorts of tech including biotech to allow him to fly and shoot beams. His fight with Supergirl didn’t stop him, but it did damage his suit. He went to attack Lord Industries to abduct someone to fix it for him.

That led to the introduction of Maxwell Lord. Lord is is a genius and you can tell rather quickly. However, those familiar with the comics know that he is a villain. We didn’t quite see that side of him, but we did get hints that he may not be quite such an upstanding person. For one he is just too smooth of a talker. He fixed the suit telling her that he didn’t even know where Reactron was. There was something about his smirk of satisfaction before he ran away that was rather unsettling. There is something about how cocky and confident he is that is intoxicating to watch.

One of the big arcs that I feel like we are going to be dealing with for a while is Supergirl becoming independent of her cousin. That was toyed with quite a bit this episode. Kara is seeking her independence. She’s trying to become her own hero. She’s been at that for the second week in a row and I don’t expect her to figure it out right away. However the biggest problem that I’m having is how much Superman is being relied on. He is constantly referenced and now even made a brief veiled appearance. While it is being spun as a way to build personal growth for Kara it is making the show feel too dependent on Superman. It feels as if the show doesn’t believe in Kara enough to carry the show.

Supergirl - "Fight or Flight"There was a lot of identity reveals in this episode. It was another element of frustration. Letting out all of their identities and connections is dangerous. It wasn’t just Kara letting things slip, but Jimmy too. It’s dangerous for them to . Considering how much Superman is playing into this show it isn’t too surprising though. I’m starting to think that this show can’t go a whole episode without mentioning Superman.

What did you think of the episode?

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