Mortal Gods by Kendare Blake

Mortal Gods by Kendare Blake
Mortal Gods
by Kendare Blake
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I read the first book on a whim and liked it. I picked up this book hoping I’d enjoy it as well and I certainly did. Kendare Blake gets better with every book I’ve read by her. Mortal Gods did not disappoint as our protagonists reeled in the wake of their first minor victory and the loss of one of them. I couldn’t put this book down. Every chapter left me hanging and teasing for just a little more in a good way.

I am emotionally attached to Athena in an unhealthy way. In my eyes this is her story. She’s out to survive and protect the people she cares about. She’s fierce and is forced to push away opportunities of her own happiness due to her determination to right the situation they are in. That said, even if things were all rosey, I’m not sure that Athena would allow herself to open up enough to really allow herself to love Odyseuss. That only made my heart go out to Athena even more. The god that she is doesn’t allow her to open up like her brother. She’s about surviving and in these times she is thriving even as everything is being thrown against her.

Then there is Cassandra, who I absolutely can not stand. She is understandably broken up about Apollo or as she still refers to him as Aidan. In that gried she lashes out repeatedly at Athena. Not anyone else. She blames Athena for everything horrible that has happened even though it isn’t her fault. Worse off she has a power over the gods able to hurt them with her touch. While the times she did that very thing to Athena she feigned sorry, but you could see how much it thrilled her to hurt her. Cassandra acts like a child. It’s frustrating to spend time with her and at this point I don’t particularly care if she’s safe.

The other characters are also really great. We got a few new characters this time around and they were just as entertaining as the rest of the supporting cast. Odysseus makes my heart hurt. It’s hard not to just love Hermes, so watching him waste away was painful. I’m happy to see Henry coming into his own even if he isn’t quite ready to accept Hector.

The plot was really about our villains biding their time as they build up strength for the return of a character presumed dead before going after Athena and the gang. Meanwhile, Athena was out doing her best recruiting as much help as possible to attempt to rival Aphrodite and Ares. This meant training the humans and getting them as ready as possible. So while there wasn’t a lot of progress toward finding a cure or even striking the enemy, there was a lot of development in terms of the characters dynamics and what will need to happen next. That doesn’t mean that there wasn’t a lot that happened because there was it just didn’t all directly effect the larger goal.

After reading this book, I’m left with the strong desire to get to the next book. I need it to happen and fast. I just need my hands on it because I need my Athena to survive.

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