The Flash – “Enter Zoom” Review

Stopping Zoom means working with the Earth-2 Linda Park. Zoom wants Barry dead and he wants proof. So giving proof should allow for Barry to set his own trap for Zoom. The problem is that Doctor Light had no interest in remaining captive and used one of her abilities to trick them all and escaped.

The Flash - "Enter Zoom"Linda Park is pretty paranoid. She’s bouncing about unsettled and taking out her stress by cooking up a storm in the West house. That drove Iris to coming to an idea. With Doctor Light of the picture, they can use Linda Park as bait. However, they had to make it look real which meant giving Linda some workable gloves to imitate Doctor Light’s abilities. Training Linda for this mission was rather entertaining. it was also nice to see that she couldn’t just jump into using them. It also provided quite a bit of humor for the episode. Their bad acting in the fight was borderline ridiculous.

Hello Jessie Quick, daughter of Harrison Wells. Granted, Quick is just a nickname for how he thinks of her. it’s clear she takes after her father, apparently she’s brilliant. While they definitely seemed to have a loving relationship, there’s also a lot of tension and struggle between the two. it isn’t roses and you can tell that it’s a give an take of love and disappointment. Right now it’s disappointment. As our time in the flashback went on we understood more of his motivation. He feels guilt. Cisco didn’t help much by badgering him for information.

As for Wells he is one nasty piece of work. he’s brash and harsh. We know he has some reasons, but he is still not someone you’d want to go have a beer with. There’s something about him that even after learning some of the trauma, it wasn’t clear why he was so fearful until we saw Zoom face to face for the first time. Zoom has Jessie and Wells secrets are open to everyone now.

The Flash - "Enter Zoom"The actual confrontation between The Flash and Zoom was interesting. Zoom has a great look that is remniscent of The Flash, but always sparking. Even more eerie was the look of death that his mask seemed to emulate. It was unsetling to look at. However it was the way that the two fought that was interesting. Barry tried to throw a bolt of lighting, but Zoom was so fast that he could catch it and throw it back. Barr tried to take speed out of the equation, but the moment they were back on the ground it became clear that he was too fast. A tear welled up in my eye when I realized just how hopeless the fight was. Barry was a ragdoll in Zoom’s arms. He went through the entire city dangling Barry around like a terrible example. It was harsh to watch it. IF it hadn’t been for Cisco Barry would have died. As it is Barry is seriously injured despite his fast healing.

I have to admit that I was rather surprised that Barry revealed his identity to Linda. Yes, it was because she needed some reassurances from The Flash when she felt she couldn’t do it, but letting his identity out was something dangerous.

-Real subtle moment when Patty referred to Joe as Barry’s dad. It’s nice that others think of him that way too.
-Patty figured out that Doctor Light could go invisible before everyone else
-The Flash Linda Park fake fight was hilarious
-Despite feeling well, Barry can’t feel his legs.

What did you think of the episode?

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