American Horror Story: Hotel – “Room 33” Review

There was a tie to Murder House this week. Turns out that The Countess went to go see Dr. Charles Montgomery to perform an abortion. Though it was clear that something was wrong with her. She was colder than she should have been. She was three weeks in put looked like she was full term and even once they pulled it, the thing was alive enough to attack the nurse. it was just another bizarre thing that happened in the basement of Murder House.

All of a sudden Liz and Tristan were hooking up. We had never seen them together. Yet, all of a sudden they were proclaiming how they loved each other. It just didn’t make any sense. It came out of no where. She seemed to genuinely care about Tristan too and was there to comfort him when he needed it. Tristan is a subject of the countess though. What she wants goes and that includes her forcing him to sleep with Will Drake even if he’d rather be with Liz.

American Horror Story: Hotel - "Room 33"As time goes on I like Alex less and less. Considering I started out not liking her it’s rather impressive. Now she is trying to cover up her transition by making John think that he is crazy. The hotel has been messing him enough without needing someone trying to actively make it worse. John is finally checking out of

The ghosts were coming out to play this episode. In particular some of the newer ones that were created this season. They were supposed to be finding their purpose. That just lead to murder. First another unfortunate visitor. One would think that since no one seems to leave this hotel, people would get suspicious. No one does and then John was attacked. I would have left that hotel a long time ago if I had the chance.

I know I keep mentioning this, but the plot is so not there this season. There are some elements that are running through and slowly building together.

What did you think of the episode?

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