Heroes Reborn – “Sundae, Bloody Sundae” Review

I know it is probably a small thing, but last I remembered Emily was still dating Brad. Although now she seems pretty cozied up with Tommy kissing hi and running off places with him. I’m not particularly bothered if Emily has ditched Brad, but it’d be nice if there was an acknowledgement. Now maybe I just missed it and I certainly don’t mind Tommy and Emily together.

As for Tommy, now that we are back in real time, he is dealing with relearning everything that is going on. Thankfully, we didn’t have to see people just sitting around and retelling him all the information we already knew.

Joanne went on another little rampage. She went after Emily to get to Tommy. She just wanted another evo kill, she didn’t know quite what she was getting into. Tommy eventually arrived to try to talk her down from killing Emily, but it was Luke’s appearance that made progress. In Luke’s time with Malina he finally started embracing his abilities. He’s not just making things boil, but now he’s able to shoot fire from his hands. I know that it is a story telling thing that they are having these characters go from not having skill to being able to wield it quickly. it still makes it feel a bit more shallow as a result. Throughout this all we did finally also see Tommy embrace Hiro’s ability to manipulate time. This time he stopped time in order to save Emily. I have to say that the effect could have looked cool but it looked rather hammy. Although Luke is now completely without powers since Tommy now possesses them.

This season is throwing in a whole bunch of elements that just don’t make sense. So I understand that things changed in this little run in with the past. However, I was completely thrown when The Haitian appeared. We saw him die earlier this season, yet now he is back. I’m left to assume that he was one of the changes. Another one of the changes being that Quentin was working for Renautus and doesn’t remember a think about the butterfly. I kind of wished they let that tension build up and let the betrayals be more subtle, but it’s clear now that Noah and Quentin will just be pitted against each other.

Carlos is still running about with Dearing trying to run a con to get his nephew out of the place. He needs to get in a facility, but things went bad rather quickly. It’s rather unfortunate. The problem was that the people he went in for were completely mindwashed. Dearing ended up getting a similar treatment, but he was manipulated into killing himself, leaving Carlos to fend for himself. I don’t know why they toyed with showing the Director. It wasn’t like Matt Parkman hadn’t made an appearance on the show, so it felt pointless. we’d heard his voice on the show. it just felt so entirely unnecessary to try to hide who he was.

What did you think of the episode?

5 thoughts on “Heroes Reborn – “Sundae, Bloody Sundae” Review

  1. Actually Tommy/Nathan didn’t absorb Luke’s powers. We learned last week that he can only hold one power at a time, and if he had taken Luke’s then Tommy wouldn’t have been able to teleport out of the diner with Emily and he wouldn’t have been able to travel into the future with Erica like we saw in the promo. I think Tommy/Nathan needs some prolonged physical contact in order to absorb someone’s power; Hiro had been holding him for several minutes before his powers were taken.

    • So he did actually absorb his power which was why he wasn’t able to teleport later on after he made the initial jump. It was why he ended up being taken to Erica Kravid because he couldn’t get out of there. I think it was just something that was overlooked or will be explained away that since he was already using the ability he was able to jump out of there, but once he stopped he lost access to it. I try to avoid promos because they are teases that often don’t present the whole picture. It could very well be that he didn’t. However based on the episode he didn’t seem to have access to his power.

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