Sleepy Hollow – “The Art of War” Review

There is definitely a lot of chemistry between Jenny and Corbin. It’s rather enjoyable to see the two of them together as their relationship is blooming. They are friends, but there’s definitely something there. They aren’t trying to skirt the chemistry between them either. It was nice to see Crane egging Joe on to talk to Jenny about how he feels. He looks at her like she is the whole world. there are so many subtle movements that he makes when around her that make it so much more believable. It’s great that they aren’t going to drag it out, but are actually going to allow them to get together.

Sleepy Hollow - "The Art of War"There is a bigger problem though. The shard absorbed into Jenny and it’s changing her. She’s become this dangerous being, but as dangerous as she has become as long as it is in her, she is a ticking time bomb. The shard will be the death of her should they not figure a way to get it out of her or at least stabilize her. Over and over again, she’s been dropping into the state with the shard of Anubis. Through the episode she got so progressively worse.

On top of the matter of Jenny getting weak from having the shard in her, but Nevins recruited Pandora to help get the shard. That meant there were monsters coming after them. Demon like creatures with red skins that were nearly unstoppable. They did have a plan to use a mistletoe weapon, but it was thwarted. The Problem stemmed from the way Nevins called for Pandora’s box for assistance. That meant they needed to change their plan. The idea to make them attack each other by thinking they were their target was a great idea. it was also amusing to watch and was one of the smarter more entertaining solutions on the show as of late.

Sleepy Hollow - "The Art of War"Abbie was pt in a tough position this week. her and her team needed to get to nevins to look into what was going on. However, she was left in charge for the week while her boss was away. Interfering with the FBI surveillance on Nevins is something that could have lost her job. She was in a position where she could pull strings to get the surveillance off and allow Crane to look for information. It was a troublesome position for her to be in. However, once it all happened it became really clear that Abbie was left in the dark on a lot of things going on. Namely that Reynolds was running an op behind her back regarding Nevins. Which meant that he may no more than he’s letting on. That said it did prevent a potentially very bad situation from getting out of hand.

What did you think of the episode?

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