Z Nation – “We Were Nowhere Near the Grand Canyon” Review

Citizen Z is back in the mix after I mentioned that there had been a serious lack of him lately. For some reason there are still soldiers that he need to take out. There must have been an endless stream. He’s still trying to take them out since they seem to hide anywhere. At least he was down to the last one.

I’m also loving that Warren is acknowledging that she has a thing for Vasquez. He is quite the attractive guy, but he’s also the person she’s been closest to this season. It wasn’t surprising to see things a least brewing in her head.

Doc and 10k went off on their own to high ground, while the others headed to town. Doc and 10k ended up encountering the son of the casino owner. He was a bit radical. Gordon believed in the Zendigo was brought on by the white man. He wanted to punish Doc and 10k. Thankfully, his sister stepped in and stopped them from getting killed for no reason. He’s a protector, but a little bit delusional. The dynamic at that camp was far more enjoyable to watch.

The other half of the tribe is run by Gordon’s father back at the casino where the others had ran to it. It wasn’t nearly as exciting there. Not too much happened other than providing information about Gordon’s group as well as establishing a connection to Citizen Z. It was rather tragic to learn that their father was going to stay behind rather than leave the casino. It literally crumbled in the wake of the giant pack. (We’ll ignore the fact that it looked incredibly impossible.) However it did force the kids to really face what was coming and move on.

The climax really hit when the massive horde ended up getting drawn to the tribe location in the wilderness. Zs started popping up and soon there would be a whole horde of them running into the ravine with them. Which meant they needed to change the course.
They got to work quick in a section which I really enjoyed the music. They did manage to divert them, but not without Murphy having a breakdown. He was screaming how they feel pain. He is even more connected to zs now and it is dangerous. That said, he was truly distraught as they started going over, but it saved the entire tribe.

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