Minority Report – “The American Dream” Review

This week we finally got to learn quite a bit more about Will Blake after he’s sat mostly in the background of the story. This was tied up in some interesting world developments. Forty years from their present the 14th amendment was repealed. All citizens illegal or not were granted citizens and all rights. However everyone else was then on their own. That meant that being born in the US didn’t automatically become citizens. Blake was one of those kids who was born truly illegal, but his mother married an awful man in order to be citizens. A man so awful that he was arrested within the precrime program for killing his mother. What I really enjoyed was how fleshed out his character ended up feeling

The American DreamBlake was also on top of Vega and Dash as they worked. They had been drawing attention to each other with their constantly improving record. Blake had been looking in on them for a while, but this was the first time he really went after them. It didn’t take long before he backed off to really see them work and that drove him straight to Arthur. Of course they wouldn’t notice the little tracking device he had placed on the sketch. Arthur did. However his appearance in front of Arthur does not bode well for everything that Agatha had been seeing regarding the milkbath. The one positive was that Blake didn’t seem to connect that Arthur was was who he was. He just thought he was a dirty cop.

That illusion of not knowing quite what was going on was slowly shattered. Not as Blake met the pieces, but once Dash tried to save their lives. With each clue, each bit of advice and actions that protected him did he realize that Dash was one of the precogs. Blake was worried. He saw only the problems that could come from this. He wanted to turn Dash in. He wanted everything to be above board and he knew the shitstorm he would get in. However, Vega knew too and she used it to her advantage. Blake was in the shit either way. That meant Blake was eventually on board. The problem was that it was clear Blake was willing to sell out Dash to the very people who would put Dash in the milk bath. Meanwhile Akeela did all she could to help Dash, freeing him before anything could be done. In the end everything worked out with everyone agreeing that they were doing more good than if they simply followed the rules.

What did you think of the episode?

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