Supergirl – “Livewire” Review

Kara’s mom is in own for Thanksgiving and that’s drumming up some family drama. It isn’t Kara’s fault. Kara’s foster mom seems to be dropping all the blame on Alex. Their mom is disappointed that Alex allowed Kara to take up the suit. She sin’t saying it to Kara’s face, but is keeping quiet. It is one of those strained relationships that has a lot of tension built up underneath that is just waiting to come out. Their mother is so much harder on Alex. It was because she wanted Alex to be better than her.

Supergirl - "Livewire"Things got interesting when there was a tie between their parents and the DEO. It turned out the DEO had been around for quite a long time. They had formed because of Superman and as a result, she was on their radar very early on. Turned out that their mom suspected that her husband was killed with the DEO. He had made a deal to work for the DEO to keep Kara safe. Hell, he died working for Hank Henshaw. This all throws a wrench in their work dynamics. They don’t trust him now and are bent on finding answers.

This week we met Leslie Willis. She’s a shit talking DJ who is bent on talking crap about Supergirl. However when a string of events pushes Supergirl to save Willis an ill-timed electric shock results in her going into a coma and getting electric powers. It was rather fantastic in how she came across them. It was even more fantastic how fast she managed to master her abilities and become Livewire. it’s one thing to bumble about using her powers and understanding her limits. it’s completely different when she becomes a pro at using them within the span of a day.

Supergirl - "Livewire"More interesting than either of those things was the interaction between Kara and Cat. They are both these women who are fierce and unstoppable, but depending on whether Cat is talking to Kara or Supergirl you see different people. When we went from the human moment as Cat admitted that her relationship with her daughter was not good. However it was this admission and their talk thatdrove Cat to not just drill Supergirl, but to work with her.

What did you think of the episode?

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