Agents of SHIELD – “Many Heads, One Tale” Review

Fitz and Simmons are still on the hunt for Will. However, Simmons is pulling away a bit. Not because she wants to, but because the symbol that Fitz found is not leading to anything good. Apparently the symbol is ancient which is not surprising. It seemed to be tied to a blood offering. This only seemed to make Simmons more panicky and frustrated as she learned more. It all seemed to be doom and gloom.

Agents of SHIELD - "Many Heads, One Tail"More importantly, The pair finally confronted their feelings. There is no denying that things are incredibly complicated. Simmons doesn’t even know if she’s in love with Will, but she isn’t willing to quite throw away Fitz without seeing Will and knowing for certain. Yet, when Fitz mentions them being cursed, she disagrees. Once we see them finally kissing, it was out of frustration. Their relationship has had a lot of bumps and it’s time that they finally either progressed or began to reach their end point.

Rosalind and Coulson were still taking part of their mutual flirtation which involved information sharing. Rosalind was still on the tour of the SHIELD side of things. With Rosalind off base that meant that Coulson was able to have a team go out and explore the ATCU base. I was a bit surprised by how many secrets were exposed throughout this episode. The big one regarding Coulson and Rosalind’s relationship was that Coulson truly didn’t trust Rosalind. Heck, he was even on to her being Hydra. Granted she wasn’t actually Hydra, but Coulson saw the connection before she even realized what sort of mess she was in. The slow reveal of how much was going on under her that she didn’t even realize or question was upsetting. Rosalind is a true ally, but Coulson’s approach may have driven a wedge into their blossoming relationship.

The other big reveal was that the research that the ATCU was hiding wasn’t about them working on a cure for inhumans. Instead, the ATCU was administering the fish oil pills to personnel. They were trying to make inhumans. The real question was why and what they were trying to gain from it. The was a lot going on under ATCU’s nose as they were hoarding and creating inhumans for HYDRA.

Agents of SHIELD - "Many Heads, One Tail"There was a lot of focus on Ward this episode. Seeing Ward be evil is great. However at the moment his entire plot line seems so entirely separate from the other major things that are going on in the episode. That said Ward is really going crazy with the intensity. The way he destroyed a plane felt callous. In many ways, Ward can be the most chilling villain in the Marvel universe. The thing that makes Ward even more interesting is that he isn’t all bad. He’s still capable of doing good things. And while he might be dangerous at all times, he’s a different kind of threat. What I do want to know is what Ward’s motivation is to rebuild HYDRA as is. Though it was revealed that HYDRA has been around long before WWII.

The way that everything tied together in this episode through all the different storylines. Everything tied back to the inhumans and HYDRA. Suddenly all the disparate plotlines were revealed to be all leading toward the same thing, feeding each other and making the real shape of half season form. It was extremely satisfying to see. Nothing has been filler or for naught, but every little thing fed into this storyline that centered around the monolith.

-Hunter playing a tech was rather funny
-Lincoln and May on a mission together
-Rosalind looking truly hurt when Coulson turned on her
-Andrew is in a bad place, potentially losig any chance to gain control over himself

What did you think of the episode?

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