American Horror Story: Hotel – “Flicker” Review

It doesn’t surprise me that they are going the people in the walls route. It’s very much in line with that they have been doing this season. Not to mention we already knew that people had been killed and shoved into the walls. So it wasn’t surprising to see that now that one was opened, there were murderous people flooding out. Turned out they played a very important role for The Countess. They made her what she is today and she left them in the walls to desiccate over the decades. Now nearly a hundred years later they are freed and feeding.

John has lost it. He’s completely obsessed and devolved. His descent is one that could have made sense and would have had more of an impact if there was a better connection to the characters. Unfortunately, the season has not done a great job o building up the characters. I don’t feel any connection to John, but either way we still were going on his journey, because there are ancillary murders going on that he needs answers to. He took the opportunity to follow his last lead by committing himself to the asylum. He eventually stumbled upon a girl who he assumed at every murder watching and even helping. As the audience it was very clear that she was actually a vampire and the murderer.

American Horror Story: Hotel - "Flicker"I really enjoyed the flashback to when Elizabeth (aka The Countess) was young and looking for Hollywood stardom. I loved that we got to see why she may have really been so attracted to Tristan. There had been a man, a star, named Valentino who she fell for and joined up in frivolous escapades with him and his wife. However, when he died, she ended up in the arms of James March. She quickly married him and joined in with his perversions, while Valentino was still alive, turned by Murnau (rather too convenient that he was turned by the director of Nosferatu). It was an interesting reveal that March had her lovers bricked up within the hotel. This will surely cause problems for The Countess.

Let’s be honest though, while the flashbacks were enjoyable, they didn’t actually progress anything of regarding the plot. Heck, there was no advancement only the delivery of character background. They were visually appealing adopting a unique style, but it did nothing but expand upon things that we already knew. We knew that The Countess was a vampire, we knew she was turned sometime in the 20s. And we really just understood everything that was going on there.

What did you think of the episode?

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