Arrow – “Brotherhood” Review

Darhk is out there literally burning money. He wants the city dead. HIVE needs a place that they can work and nothing is better than a city that has fallen to such disrepair and degradation that no one would try to nose in on any of the shady business going on there. What was interesting was Oliver being approached Darhk to work with him. Oliver knew full well who Darhk was and what he wanted but he played innocent well. More surprising was that Darhk had yet to piece it together himself.

Arrow - "Brotherhood"Andrew Diggle was mixed up in some nasty stuff. That means that he needs to go sort things out and figure out what was real. At least Oliver was all for finding out the whole truth as to what was going on that got him on HIVE radar. Things got weird when the mission crossed with Andrew. It was certainly him and he definitely was not dead. This is something that is spinning John’s world out of wack. The idea that he brother is back is a lot he has todeal with after making peace with how things were. The thing is while Oliver wants to bring Andrew back, John only sees the blame he can place on his brother for abandoning his family for 8 years.

Ray is back and boy did I not realize how much I missed him. Along with him was a serious sense of humor that adds even more levity to the show. He doesn’t just bring a bit of lightness to the show, but also another level of smarts. Felicity puts him back to work. He’s trying to find himself and he was able to sink his teeth into the work that Felicity gave him. However it was seeing Ray back in his suit and in action that things finally felt really good. Seeing him with the group was really great, but again as soon as he was brought back, just like Sara, he was off again. Yes, we know that he is going to be on Legends of Tomorrow, but it still left me longing for him not to leave just yet.

Arrow - "Brotherhood"Thea is still struggling with her bloodlust. Her last kills have finally worn out somewhat and we can see she’s getting more on edge. Now that she’s aware of what is happening it, she’s working to control it and has it under wraps. However, you can see how it is a struggle. Which is why Malcolm thought it would be useful to try to offer up criminals for Thea to kill to sate her bloodlust. In theory it isn’t a terrible plan if there are truly no other options. However, it would no doubt be better if she didn’t have to kill at all. It might be something she needs to do. She nearly beat a man to death for being a creep.

-Atom back in the fight
-Darhk can’t control or kill Thea
-Hell, Darhk’s power took away Thea’s bloodlust

What did you think of the episode?

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