Heroes Reborn – “11:53 to Odessa” Review

Luke wants nothing more than to just help them with what they are doing. However, his ties to Joanne are only hurting his ability to help them. Luke is not giving up. He literally hunts Noah and Malina down until he convinces them to let him tag along. He as there when Malina needed him and was there to help her.

Heroes Reborn "11:53 to Odessa"Tommy is trapped in the house with Erica Kravid, completely powerless as long as Phoebe is around. She’s been trying convince Tommy with her plan to preserve humanity. It was high time that we finally saw what she was up to. What was interesting, was that her plan to save humanity at it’s core was good. The idea was to use simply bring humanity into the future long after the celestial event has occurred and humanity died.

Despite the core of Gateway being good in theory, it was very clear that Kravid still has nasty intentions. The evos at Gateway are locked up, sedated, and used to farm everything. It is dangerous and there are ulterior motives. Miko saw what was happening and her encounter with her father gave her the necessary motive to help Tommy out of Kravid’s clutches. While he seemed to be buying some of the kool-aid, it wasn’t enough to keep him there when he saw an opportunity to flee.

I also need to take a moment to mention Ren who was also recruited by Otomo to continue to help. It was odd the way he drew Ren in, but was still rather interesting.

Heroes Reborn "11:53 to Odessa"The evo facility had a lot going on. Inside, Matt is torturing information out of Carlos and Farrah. I was extremely creeped out that Carlos kissed Farrah when he thought she was still knocked out. She wasn’t and he was trying to get her out of there, but it still felt a bit creepy. Outside, Taylor and the resistance are trying to find their way in. Their goal is to find Micah who is powering everything. Their plan worked, but not without issue. They got in and Taylor was able to navigate a bit. Eventually they were all working together.

While everyone else is either in peril or seeking out information, Noah and Malina were just strolling around the city getting to know each other. It was a bad situation considering it just didn’t make much sense. Sure, they were on the move getting to an important place. The problem is that it just felt so secondary to everything else that was going on considering we spent so much time in Gateway.

I also ant to note that it was really hard seeing Micah being used like that.

What did you think of the episode?

3 thoughts on “Heroes Reborn – “11:53 to Odessa” Review

  1. I think things are still being set up so I’m waiting for what I’m more interested in, which is what will happen when all that’s set go into play. How will all the parts work together?
    I wasn’t creeped out by the kiss though. I just thought it was silly and unnecessary. And I’d really like to know how/why Matt got so bad.
    I’m not as engrossed in the show as I’d like to be but I’ll keep watching, especially to see Clé Bennett and hear his voice. 🙂

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