Z Nation – “Corporate Retreat” Review

The group stumbled upon a group of people hidden away in a building. It was quite hilarious because they were not the sort of people who you would have expected to survive. Some of them were still in their business attire. Watching how they conducted themselves especially as things hit the fan was really interesting. It provided for a number of humorous exchanges throughout the episode. They were filled with petty comments and outrage. Everything had to go by a system. It was a fun way to poke fun at corporate life.

There was something ridiculous about seeing the group in a stand off with the other group. They were these haphazard soft group. It made no sense. Sure, they were trying to play it safe. There were peopl on both sides who were injured. That said our group could have taken out the people in the other group. They were soft. Heck, they used a freaking talking stick to regulate the peace.

Z Nation - "Corporate Retreat"Meanwhile, Vasquez did good with is former cop skills to suss out what was going on and how it may have came about. He wasn’t able to figure out exactly what went wrong, but he was able to figure out how it went down at the bullet went clear through Murphy. He figured out that it was whoever had a secret getaway pack. It was nice to see him put to use in a different way.

Murphy was seriously injured. The strange thing that ended up really worked is that a a bullet that wen through him ended up changing the buy the bullet stopped in. It should have killed him, but it didn’t. Instead it made him another minion like Cassandra. He was changed, but he was alive in some ancillary way. That was their saving grace from the endless problem about what had happened to him and Murphy He was able to identify the killer. The blood transfusion didn’t just keep him alive, but made him one of Murphy’s minions. Sure, he didn’t last long enough for Murphy to form an attachment and control him, but he was definitely one of the undead that wasn’t fully undead.

I also really want to note that Z Nation really kills it with their guest spots. They include actors and allow them to play off of stereotypes that the actors face in fun and interesting ways. In this case Anthony Michael Hall as the leader of the white collar workers was really funny. He also got into the role and all the ridiculous things they had him do and say.

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