Doctor Who – “Face the Raven” Review

Rigsy is back. I quite liked Rigsy when we met him last year. Now he’s calling for Clara’s help since he has a mysterious tattoo on the back of his neck that’s counting down to 0. Dying is something he needs to avoid since he’s got a baby girl to take care of. I will be the first to say that I love Rigsy. He won me over last year so seeing him again is great.

Doctor Who - "Face the Raven"Rigsy can’t remember the previous day because something has retconned him. The tests the Doctor runs show that he’s going to die. They aren’t just going to sit back and allow it to happen. After a bunch of quick moving plot events they end up in a strange back alley town. A place where Rigsy having flashes of a woman dead on the cobblestone street.

Welcome back Ashildr as well. She’s created a sanctuary. She’s gone for helping people again, but she’s a bit dark. However her appearance also signaled trouble because she’s still one of the most morally gray on the show. She has accused Rigsy of being a murderer and he is not welcome in her sanctuary of misfits. She has created a safe place for creatures of all sorts. There most important rule is no violence. So when Rigsy was found over a dead woman, he’s charged without proof.

Those who break the rules much face the Raven and the Raven kills all who are marked with no discrimination. The only way to avoid it is I’d Ashildr lifts it or it is willingly passed to someone else. Which got Clara thinking she could take Rigsys time.

Doctor Who - "Face the Raven"Ashildr made a deal with some unknown to get The Doctor out of the way. She didn’t want anyone to be hurt, but because Clara took the chronograph the terms with the shade were changed. The Raven was coming for Clara and there was nothing that Ashildr or the Doctor could do. It is rather a cold thing for her to do, but as I’ve already mentioned she’s an extremely morally gray character and she and the Doctor don’t always see eye to eye. One thing is clear, that while she may not always do the right thing, she is generally not intentionally malicious for no good reason. Still there surely could have been another way to save Sanctuary if she had just looked a bit harder

The goodbye between Clara and the Doctor was well done. Their goodbyes were brilliant and heartfelt. It was the kind of ending for Clara that we needed. One in which she was able. To be strong and brave was what Clara was. It was had to see her go in a way, but all season we’ve seen Clara become more and more reckless. She saw herself as invincible. She thought she could always fight the odds, but this time she faced a foe that was not so easily side stepped.

Clara’s death has cemented Ashildr as the Doctors enemy.

As for Rigsy he created a Tardis shaped shrine for Clara.
Doctor Who - "Face the Raven"
What did you think of the episode?

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