Minority Report – “Memento Mori” Review

Dash’s “Sexual Healing” rendition was so out of the blue, but amazing. It was nice getting to see the group together in a situation that wasn’t life or death. It was something we haven’t really seen from Dash and Vega and it was a nice change of pace.

The focus of this episode was about the threat on the life of a senator. This particular threat was likely due in part because of the bill that she wanted to pass. After her son died because of a genetic disorder that could have been prevented in utero if the genetic modification was legal. Now she is determined to try to get that bill passed, but many people are not happy with it because they consider it playing god. The attack on her was one that was dangerous. It was behind Memento Mori. The doctor caused the attack because he saw how dangerous genetic mods were. Not that the upsides weren’t good, but that it was dangerous. He saw how dangerous it potentially was and the attack was to scare people away from that potential future.

Minority Report - "Memento Mori"Arthur is trying to get Blake to do his blackmail for him. Why Arthur thought that Blake would do that is beyond me. Blake is as straight as a cop as they can be. The only reason he is going along with keeping Dash’s secret is because: 1. it is not hurting anyone by keeping quiet and 2. Dash is able to do more good by helping. Sure, Arthur had a reason behind why he is doing it why he wanted to put a stopper on it. It doesn’t make Arthur’s method any less foolish.

The real issue that they were confronting was that this case was getting them way to close to Dash getting caught. Arthur and Agatha wanted Dash to back off. Dash was blindsided when Vega wanted to call it all off. She didn’t want him jeopardized because he wasn’t a thing she was using to solve crimes, but her friend. She wouldn’t give Dash up for anything, but she also doesn’t want things to blow up in her face. It was very clear that Blomfield never wanted Dash out of the milkbath and will do anything to get the three of them back in there. Agatha seems to have seen Vega telling them to be put in, but I struggle to believe it.

What did you think of the episode?

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