Supergirl – “How Does She Do It?” Review

There were more ties with Maxwell Lord. Alex and Henshaw go in to question Lord by going undercover as FBI. I found myself really enjoying the chemistry between Alex and Lord. He just oozes this strange appeal. The one problem is that he’s too smart for his own good and tried to disarm the bomb. It backfired and Kara had to take care of it. We got to learn quite a bit more about Lord through his interactions with Alex. She wants to help protect his train, but he doesn’t trust the government after their approval of their lab resulted in the death of his parents. Lord’s vehicle was being targeted and that only meant trouble for those who were excited to board. Kara is on to Maxwell and all the terrible things that have been happening around him. What is clear is that Maxwell is testing her and finding her limits. While this is construed as evil, I’m not sure that he is entirely evil, but morally gray. I may be wrong, we will see.

Supergirl - "How Does She Do It"Enter Lucy Lane. a determined lawyer who happens to be Lois Lane’s younger sister and James Olsen’s ex. She is a total threat to Kara who was just owning up to the fact that she likes him. Her big problem is she is the friend zone kind of girl. Alex encourages Kara to not be that one and not sit around and listen to his problems with Lucy. For many girls that would be a big move, but for Kara she is the nice girl who cares and her trying to not get involved is not in her nature. Yet, Kara managed to get dragged into the situation anyway, but from the Lucy end. The problem is that Lucy loves James and felt that he was putting Superman over her.

Kara is playing babysitter with Kat Grant’s son Carter. He’s smart, but not one for being socialable. In many ways I think Kara could relate to him, but so could I. What was really cute was that Carter seemed to have a crush on Supergirl. There’s a sense of Cat in Carter, but he’s so endearing it’s hard not to like him. His obsession led him right into danger. It was already kind of dangerous for Carter to go the train alone. It was even more dangerous when he was on board a vehicle that had a potential bomb. In the process he got to meet Carter. Supergirl seems to be getting Carter out of his little bubble. He is so different from when he first started.

Supergirl - "How Does She Do It"Week after week we are seeing that Hensaw is not human. Those glowing red eyes make him something else. My first thought is that he is Martian Manhunter. The problem is that he’s been doing good. He could just be pulling a Harrison Wells where he’s just doing it deceptively, but I’m not certain. What is clear is that he’s lying and he’s not someone they can trust.

What did you think of the episode?

One thought on “Supergirl – “How Does She Do It?” Review

  1. I get it. I know what they’re going for, but when Maxwell Lord, the big evil genius figure on the show, has a face-to-face confrontation with Supergirl about doing everything he can to find out who she is I can’t help but laugh. He sure is putting a lot of work into this when maybe if he just used some facial recognition software he could easily realize that cat grant’s secretary looks just like supergirl but with glasses. Like The Flash, this is a show which is not afraid of Silver Age goofiness, but I find it a bit more limiting here. This is the part where it seems like their goal is to do a traditional, old fashioned superhero story just with primarily female characters instead of male, and they want people of all ages to enjoy it. I am just struggling to get past the “How do people not recognize her?” of it all, yet when I was a kid I never really questioned that when watching watching the Christopher Reeves movies.

    Also, I’m with you…surely the boss is the Martian manhunter, a character David Goyer has more or less promised will not be in the film’s and was thus probably not off limits for the show. At this point, I will be disappointed if the boss isn’t Martian manhunter.

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