Z Nation – “Party with the Zeros” Review

The crew ended up at the order this time where they encountered their long time rival, . The interesting thing was La Reina, the leader of the Zeroes. As a leader, she’s elaborate and effective. She continues to strive to improve society. She maintains a peaceful and safe compound. She runs a tight ship and people respect her, but that doesn’t mean she is going to make things easy for our team.

La Reina demands that the group proves themselves. She throws them into situations there they have to show their fight. They are forced to fight and slay and make themselves known as worthy of being within her society. Everything truly seems to be peaceful there which is so different from what we are used to seeing. Sure, there have been places that have been in relative safety, but the how makes the z’s an issue. It was interesting to see that it was the people that were the enemies for the majority of the episode. Things got messy when Vasquz decided that he was going to go after La Reina. However, Warren stepped and and stopped his assassination attempt. As in any society where there is one ruler who was almost killed, Vasquz was tried and became subject to their torment.

As for Murphy, La Reina has taken to Murphy. Now that he is in her grasp she can make him part of her plan for the cure. That involved Dr. Kurrian who ended up with La Reina. Sure, she has no idea what he is doing, but he is there to try to help and buy time. However, Dr. Kurrian’s ability to survive was now tied entirely to Murphy so he had to be let in on his plan.

The elaborate celebration that La Reina put on because they found him finally. It is a chance for them to take a next step forward. El Murphy is being lauded and fawned over, which is completely okay to Murphy. Then there was the way the crew was treated. It was almost bizarre how well they groomed.

This was the first part of the two part finale.

What did you think of the episode?

4 thoughts on “Z Nation – “Party with the Zeros” Review

  1. I think that she is La Reina, which is Spanish for “The Queen.” I also think that she is not all about saving the world: she wants to control it. She keeps the male around because much of the culture in which she has lived is machocentric, but notice that she wants control. She is an interesting character.

    I don’t see how our Gang will get out!

    • La Reina makes a lot more sense in the context of who she is. I completely agree she definitely wants to control the world, but she’s a smart lady and I get the sense she realizes she can’t let people die off. She wants to be able to say who lives and dies and first she needs to make sure people can live so she can do that. She likes having people under her thumb. I’m interested in seeing how it goes.

  2. Vasquez was not trying to assassinate La Reina. He was going after Escorpion, the man that murdered his family. They made it seem like La Reina was the target so that they all wouldn’t be killed right away and Vasquez might get another shot at him. It worked because she was grateful to Warren for saving her life.

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