Minority Report – “Everybody Runs” Season Finale Review

This is being marketed as the season finale, but let’s be honest, this is more likely the series finale of this show. While I came to enjoy this show, it certainly wasn’t the best or most addictive of shows. That said it’s ratings never really reached a point that justified that the show would continue on. The moment that FOX opted to reduce the episode order from 13 to 10 the death sentence was given. The only way that Minority manages to come back for another season is if the FOX rating collapse continues to fall out and the pilots that they see for next season are equally as doubtful. So while there might be a tiny sliver of a change it is so negligible that I feel comfortable saying that this show is over.

That brings me to the episode at hand was everything was wrapping up. It’s time for the precogs to get out of the city. The people who want them in the milkbath are onto them completely. Not only are they on to them, but narrowing them down to the point that they really have no choice but to run.

Minority Report - "Everybody Runs"Even though they needed to run, the information that they managed to learn was dangerous as there was a massive terrorist attack. Despite the danger that they were in, Dash and even Agatha wanted to help them out in a way. However when they realized just how close they were to getting captured, Dash still couldn’t accept that they were in serious danger by staying around. He had to help people because that’s who he is. It forced the other two to go help him with his plan to stop the terrorist attack. Blomfeld was still a major problem.

Suddenly, the vision that Agatha had all that time ago was coming to fruition. The difference was hat they were willingly putting themselves into the milkbath. The reason Vega was looking over them wasn’t because she was forcing them to get in but because she was there watching over them. She was the one thing there to help make sure that when they were willingly in there, they were able to piece together the information better.

The viral attack was primed to be extremely dangerous. Similar to the attack from last week, but the viral load that would have been delivered was devastating. However, just as soon as they saved people from the attack, it was clear that Blomfeld wasn’t going to let them go, killing the assurances the Precogs had in place. Yet, they managed to get free and subdue their attackers. Arthur couldn’t live with leaving them alive and it was clear that neither could Wally because he killed them for the precogs. He only gave them one final warning. Run.

What did you think of the episode?

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