Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope

The time has finally come for me to begin my Star Wars endeavor with the original trilogy. This week I watched the film that started it all. The Star Wars that enraptured the world and was the beginning of a phenomenon that to this day carries on strong as if it was brand new. I was excited to get to these movies so I could get an understanding of their significance from a non- child point of view. I was thrilled to get into it and see what this installment had to offer.

At a glance, Star Wars is all fluff and fun, but it definitely felt like a proper installment in the series. You are swept into this mystical world that is so different from what we are used to. However, it’s not just one world that we are exploring, but many and it’s hard not to find it captivating. That said I walked into Star Wars without the absolute love of the series. I wouldn’t say that I was jaded, but I certainly never fell into the trap. I liked it and thus I was able to watch this movie without the rose colored glasses that so many people do. It was a good first installment, spending a lot of time setting up the characters and the world.


Star Wars: Episode IV A New HopeWhat Star Wars did best was establish potential. It was all over this world. What the characters could one day become. What kinds of characters we could one day encounter. What places we could see in the future. What sort of action this kind of place could be. There was so much that was seeded about the world of Star Wars that it was enough to make the mind burst. There was just so much there that it was like biting into the richest red velvet cake. The problem was that it was only potential. We didn’t dig deep into anything. We only got the glimpse at the world and this conflict. It was like a teaser.

Luke is Annoying

Let’s be honest, Luke is really annoying. Not only is he cheesy and at times cringe worthy, but he likes to throw shade when he shouldn’t. As time went on I found myself groaning ever time we spent an extended amount of time with Luke. I’m not going to run out and say that I am totally a Han Solo girl, but I would never say I liked Luke. As a character he wasn’t even that solid. In one instance he’s determined to save his own hide then in the next he’s chiding people for doing the same thing. The result was that he never felt like a solid character but a bit of a Gary Stu or a character you would find yourself in a visual novel. The character was just solid enough to feel legitimate, but pliable enough that you could easily insert yourself in his shoes and go along with the ride.

Darth Vader

Having watched the series in order, you get a perspective that is Darth Vader focused. Honestly, I think this was the best way to go even though it could be a bit jarring to go from seeing a lot of Anakin/Vader to see him very little. However, watching the movie with the perspective gained from watching the prequels illuminated him in an interesting light. Darth Vader was this looming threat, but he certainly wasn’t the big bad. It was interesting that even now, he was still taking orders. He was not the one making decisions, but following what is being told. This is very much how he was when he we created as Vader and it was interesting seeing that he was still the kind of person who preferred taking orders than truly leading. That said, he wasn’t in the movie that much so we didn’t get a good sense of his character. His decisions didn’t quite make sense, even though there wasn’t much that he was to do.

Other Characters

Star Wars: Episode IV A New HopeWhere I felt this movie really shined was with the characters. In particular, I’m talking about the other major characters other than Luke and Vader. C3PO, R2D2, Han Solo, Princess Leia, and Obi Wan Kenobi all really stepped up in this movie. They felt legitmate and fleshed out. You got a strong sense of their characters very quickly and they only grew with time. The dynamic that existed between these characters was great. Particularly between C3PO and R2 I was constantly enamored. Their banter was quite delightful and I loved seeing the pair together. On the same token, any time Princess Leia was on the screen showing just how determined and fierce she was felt refreshing. In many ways she felt just like her mother in her heydey. As for Han there’s something that I just like about him. Maybe it’s his gruffness. Maybe it’s his indifference. Whatever it was managed to click with me and I felt for him.

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience with Star Wars this time again. It had been so long since I had last seen it, but more of this movie stuck with me than the prequels. So while, I may not have loved it like other people, I definitely was reminded of how fun it was. How much simple joy was brought to me about Star Wars. Watching Luke, Leia, and Han navigate this world was refreshing and different. While it certainly did feel like a first installment. I really liked what was seeded in this story.

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