Supergirl – “Red Faced” Review

Kara is incredibly strong. She can occasionally forget that strength in her a fit of rage. While, yes she was doing a good thing, she managed to scare everyone around by going too far. Now is the time where Uncle Ben would be useful. With Great Power comes Great Responsibility. That is something that Kara still needs to learn and that’s going to take time. Her rage was blowing up all over the episode though. After being yelled at by Cat and then berated, she lost it and yelled about how frustrated Cat makes her. What I did enjoy was that Cat took the time not to reprimand Kara, but to take her out and help her understand why she needed to control her anger. Heck, I also loved when Cat stood up for Kara against her mother.

Supergirl - "Red Faced"Against Kara is of course Maxwell Lord who is drumming up trouble against Supergirl. He is dangerous to her and her well being. While Cat is curious and inquisitive, she wants a story. She’s intrigued by Supergirl. The real problem is that Lord is just as infatuated with Supergirl except what he wants from her isn’t clear.

Supergirl was recruited to help test a new government tool called Red Tornado. If you don’t know much about Red Tornado, I won’t spoil it, ut he is generally a good guy. What was interesting was that it was Lucy Lane who delivered the court order that would force Supergirl to help. She was forced to fight it and when she did as she was asked things ended up going south to the point that Red Tornado was damaged and released onto the world. Henshaw was not pleased with how Supergirl was being exploited and then blamed for what was happening. He showed his gratitude by digging up more info on Red Tornado and they learned it was designed to fight and destroy Kryptonians.

Supergirl - "Red Faced"Kara was subjected to the worst night every where Lucy and James cuddled up and she had to watch. Things got worse when Lucy went on and on about how she wasn’t impressed by Supergirl. We’ll ignore the fact that this universe is going with the fact that no one reconizes her simply because they don’t want to believe it, but watching the guy she likes with his ex, now girlfriend is terrible. However, it was interesting that it wasn’t the only thing that angered her about the situation. She was also furious that they had what she felt she never could, normality.

Cat’s mother was in town this time and it was clear how Cat was made the way she was. She from the looks of it she was constantly fighting an up hill battle. her mother put Cat down with an ease that was almost baffling. Cat tried her best to live up to her expectations.

What did you think of the episode?

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