Agents of SHIELD – “Closure” Review

With things finally sorted out between Coulson and Rosalind they were able to relax and have a nice evening with each other. They came off as a pair that really worked well together. However, right in the middle of their date, Ward went and screwed it up by shooting her through the throat. Ward was certain to make it known that he was the culprit, quickly calling more to gloat than anything else. The final moments as he stayed with her as his life faded made for an extremely somber opening.

Agents of SHIELD - "Closure"This led Coulson to question his team. He needed to know everything that his team knew about Ward to try to get to him. Considering that Ward was revealed as HYDRA more than a season ago. That made this questioning feel too late. It wasn’t like the questions Coulson was going after were more focused than before. They were basic what do you know kinds of questions. That is the problem those are things that should have been asked a long time ago and if they weren’t before, I have to wonder how effective they are. That said, I’m sure it made Coulson feel better trying to go over the facts more. Heck, attacking Hunter probably felt food for a moment too.

Through this Fitz and Simmons were abducted by Ward. In Coulson’s rage to get Ward he foolishly turned a blind eye to Fitz and Simmons the exact people who just revealed that HYDRA was after opening a portal. The pair of them were working on opening the portal. Yet, Coulson didn’t think to keep an eye on them or make sure that they weren’t contained. It was a major oversight on Coulson’s part. He’s supposed to be the leader and he’s acting on emotions and not rationally.

Agents of SHIELD - "Closure"Coulson wasn’t the only one making poor decisions, so was Ward. After learning that Coulson had his brother Thomas he actually stayed on the phone long enough to be traced. Ward was trained and he should know that they would have traced the call, yet he kept chatting. It just didn’t make sense that he would make such a foolish mistake all because he had a chance to speak to his brother. Though based on the way Ward behaves.

Mack was made Acting Director in Coulson’s absence. I have to admit, he got things done. He delivered to the point speeches. I actually liked seeing Mack in charge and he was good at what he was doing. He even put the inhumans out in the field together for the first time in a test run of the Secret Warriors. It was nice to see them finally out there together.

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