The Flash – “Legends of Today” Crossover Event Review

Enter Vandal Savage. Within moments of his first introduction he murdered an entire group of policemen brutally and intense. He is dangerous and vicious in ways that are enough to make anyone cringe. Quickly we are able to see that he’s out for Kendra. Something about her.

Barry and the crew quickly realize that things are far too dangerous for them to handle alone. With Vandal Savage after Kendra she needs protection that a police detail just can’t provide. Thus they recruited the Arrow team. What was interesting was how Barry went after them. He interrupted a dealing with Darhk to get their help. Sure, it ended up saving them in the process, but it was a complete interruption. All that was to ring Kendra in on even more secret identities. It was a bit ludicrous that they were so open with their identities. Sure, Cisco’s initial slip was an accident, but after that it was just them bringing her in on big secrets about a lot of people.

The Flash - "Legends of Today"Savage hunted them all the way down to Star City to find Kendra. The conflict looked pretty bad as they would have been beat down if it wasn’t for Barry constantly catching knives. It was Thea who went for the kill shot. Only it didn’t kill him. He was just gone.

Merlyn’s appearance on the team took weird things to an even higher level. It wasn’t his appearance that made things weird, but the information he brought about Savage. Finally able to confirm that Vandal Savage was in fact an immortal. The League of Assassins had records for of Savage through their entire history. It also revealed that Savage was really after the Staff of Horus.

We also finally met Hawkman. He had already been awakened and could use his powers. He was determined to protect Kendra, but he did so by kidnapping her right from when she was with Cisco. That forced Oliver and Barry to go after them. It was a tough fight. While Hawkman did go down, he didn’t go down easily. I would have been disappointed if they were able to take him down to easily as he is going to be one of the team in Legends of Tomorrow. Once they finally got to talking he cleared things up. Carter is quickly proving to be interesting. There was something about his bluntness that is really refreshing.

The humor was on point this episode. IT was a colliding of worlds. Even better were the numerous jokes. Getting to see everyone together really is one of those joyous moments that these shows povide. There’s something about the combining of worlds and the mixing of personalities that truly feels like old friends getting back together again.

The Flash - "Legends of Today"Caitlin and Harry were still back in Central City trying to concoct a plan for Barry. Velocity 6 a speed serum that should have helped Barry increase his speed. When Jay refused to test it for them saying it was too dangerous, even Caitlin backed down. Let’s be honest though, even though Jay has been right pretty much every time, it’s getting a little frustrating to keep seeing him pop up only to say no. That said it is a risky thing to subject Barry to. The problem is that Patty caught whiff of Harrison Wells and acted on it, resulting in Harry shot in the middle of the lab. That forced Jay to take Velocity 6 so he could phase through Wells chest and removed the bullet. More important than saving Wells, it proved that velocity 6 at least somewhat worked.

-Felicity and Oliver still bickering over the comms
-Oliver admitting that he was wrong about guys like them not getting the girl
-Kendra flew for the first time
-Cisco named her Hawkgirl
-We saw Oliver have a run in with his son

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