American Horror Story: Hotel – “The Ten Commandments Killer” Review

Let’s just start out by saying that it makes sense that the Ten Commandments Killer was revealed. It was really not that surprising that it was revealed to be John who had been doing the killings. Sure, it would have been nice to have clues other than his gaps of memories. However, those were enough of a signal that something was wrong with John. When you add in the fact that John continued to stay a this clearly bizarre hotel when things seemed to be unraveling there and seemingly becoming more dangerous. It made no sense that every human who came into the hotel were killed, yet John stayed there for weeks without incident. That should have been the real sign that he wasn’t being harmed (for the most part).

American Horror Story - "The Ten Commandments Killer"Where things got interesting was how the people of the hotel were brought on board. John was mentored by James March. There’s something about March that is interesting. That said, I wasn’t drawn in to seeing how he slowly got people to work with him so he could get John to finish his legacy. At the end of the day that is all this is about. Nearly every character knew what he was up to, yet no one seemed to act like they did previously. Everyone was in on this elaborate ploy.

Honestly, while the reveal was interesting enough, it was never shocking or compelling. The real problem was that it went on for too long. We sent so long seeing how John had initially fell, how March got in his head. Yet we know that John was repressing it so much that he didn’t even realize he was committing the crimes. This it felt unnecessary. I’ve seen this sort of twist plenty of times in horror movies. Usually, you just get flashes of the characters doing the act that they thought was done by someone else. It wasn’t until now that I came to appreciate those brief montages. While the additional information fleshed out his journey, we really didn’t need to see it all drawn out.

What this revelation does is finally tie in the tangential Ten Commandments kills we have been seeing this season. Up until now, they were the one element of the show that didn’t seem to fit in with the rest at all. They had drawn focus previously and it didn’t seem to make sense other than them being filled with gore to make people squirm. All of it came out when he confessed to his former partner. It was a little convenient that he just remember now.

What did you think of the episode?

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