Z Nation – “Adiós, Muchachos” Review

Even Dr. Kurrian was surprised that whatever he concocted with Murphy’s blood worked. Granted it only worked because it wasn’t actually a vaccination, but indoctrination. By injecting everyone they are all on the road to being one of Murphy’s puppets. Warren was suspicious of it all and Murphy didn’t want Warren to be subjected to his control. It was kind of Murphy. Sometimes it is easy to forget that Murphy isn’t all selfish. There are things that he does care about and clearly Warren made the list.

Murphy may have been kind to Warren, but the courtesy didn’t extend to Dr. Kurrian. Despite the doctor having made an antidote, Murphy already had control. He was able to completely manipulate Dr. Kurrian. The most unfortunate pat of it was that as you could see him deteriorating, you also knew that he was still in there. he even talked back to Murphy. He was a half zombie. Since nearly everyone at the place had taken the injection upon La Reina’s command they were all half zs. I’m really curious as to where Murphy’s control lies. It seems sometimes he is fully capable, but other times he seems to be slipping. The one thing that has been solidified time and time again is that even though he controls them Murphy feels sorry for zs.

It wasn’t that surprising that Murphy’s zombie army plan started to blow up in his face. Whatever was going on with him was making it clear that he wasn’t quite as strong as he once was. The zombie army was too much out of his control. Watching them was they wanted to attack him. He could barely get away to safety. Thus when Warren said it was time to go, Murphy was more than willing to dip out. The problem was the zombie still had too much thought, enough to resist which made the exit more difficult. That forced them to turn to using the full blown zs to their advantage. However, the end of the episode revealed that Kurrian’s head and La Reina seemed to have survived.

Vasquez’s plot was interesting. He was largely subjected to all sorts of torment. Hector was filled with rage. Hector was ready to pin everything on Warren. It could have been their heads if Murphy didn’t already have control of La Reina. It was the actual conflict between Hector and Vasquez that had the emotional weight. Vasquez wanted revenge. Hector just didn’t want to be disrespected. So when they had their big fight in the final conflict, they each had something at stake, but Vasquez was far more motivated. it was a brutal fight, that felt realistic and didn’t hold back in how beaten each of them became.

For now, the group is back on the road, enjoying their new rides.

What did you think of the episode?

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