Supergirl – “Human for a Day” Review

Kara’s battle with Red Tornado has left her completely and utterly human. Well, at least in the sense that she has no access to her powers. We saw this occur at the end of last episode when she bled. However, she’s still feeling the effects. She needs more sun, until then she’s susceptible. Heck, she even got sick. That leaves her weak.

Supergirl - "Human for a Day"This vulnerability that Kara had to work through was a lot of her. She’d always known having her power and then suddenly when she could use it, she couldn’t. It forced Kara to look at why she does what she does. It also forced herself to actually be brave and face her issues. Kara took the lead from seeing that James wouldn’t sit back, but stepped up when he was needed. It was about not being a hero because you had extraordinary powers, but being a hero because people needed help. She was able to prove to herself that when faced with adversity she was going to help in anyway possible.

Let’s be honest. If a power outage was able to take down the DEO facilities they were not properly secure facilites. A place like that would have redundancies on top of redundancies. If the power failed, power to systems would automatically switch to temporary power systems before back up generators came up. Here we saw those back up generators go down, but clearly not all the necessary gear was installed. When dealing with a prisoner that was clearly so dangerous it seemed rather foolish that they didn’t have the necessary measures in place.

When the earthquake rocks the city spreading panic ad breaking Kara’s arm, Maxwell Lord took the opportunity to take more potshots at Supergirl. He’s doing everything in his power to try to bring her down. Cat takes a stand against Maxwell Lord. it is all to protect her creation, but still she does it for good reason. She does everything she can to spin the catastrophe to the every ay heroes and not to the fact that Supergirl wasn’t there when people would need it.

Supergirl - "Human for a Day"Gem was dangerous, but it was the interesting dynamic Henshaw and Alex. Alex already didn’t trust Henshaw. On some superhero shows the truth that Alex was searching for could have been dragged out for months. Instead after Henshaw broke free and then managed to dispatch Gem, Alex was suspicious. The truth wasn’t long to be revealed as we got the history of who Henshaw really was. We learned that Alex’s father was the man who spared his life. In exchanged the alien he was hunting had to promise to protect his daughter. He took on this challenge protecting Alex like she was his own. I will honestly say that I’m just surprised that they actually did go the Martian Manhunter route and introduced J’on J’onzz. That said, I’m looking forward to seeing more of him.

What did you think of the episode?

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