Agents of SHIELD – “Maveth” Midseason Finale Review

Mack is really stepping up to the plate now that he’s in temporary command. Rather than crumbling, he came up with a rational plan for everyone to execute while everyone just thought about how screwed they were and everything that needed to be accomplished. Aside from a brief moment when Mack, still spouted how he doesn’t believe in what was going on, despite having had a personal experience, I think he handled being in charge well. Not everyone was on board with all his plans initially, but he eventually got them to rally.

Agents of SHIELD - "Maveth"Fitz is off on the alien world with Ward. As one might expect with the two of them it is not an amiable relationship. They hate each other and Fitz would sooner see Ward dead than get off that planet alive. he’s that intense about it all. Since Fitz is quite the smart one he was quickly able to find Will and recruit him for help. It was a good thing that Simmons had showed Will Fitz’s video so many times. Together they were able to form a little team against the HYDRA agents. As things progressed it became that Will was using Fitz as much as Fitz used Will. This was largely because Will had died. Instead, the creature they all feared had killed Will when Jemma left. This left Fitz alone with an enemy. It was a good thing Fitz had a flare gun to take him out.

Coulson stumbled about on the planet determined to find Ward. He was simply wandering and tracking Ward the best he could. However, what I didn’t understand was why Coulson took the chance by keeping Ward alive when he could have taken him out. It didn’t make much sense other than that he needed a way out. I just wish that for once they would just take out the enemy. Coulson was filled with rage, but he held back. Once he spotted Fitz and Will, he should have finished things. Eventually, Coulson finally reached the point where he was able to kill Ward with his robotic hand, but he had to leave the hand that did it behind. Just because he’s dead, doesn’t mean we’ve seen the last of him.

Agents of SHIELD - "Maveth"Jemma faced an interesting place where she got out of the grasp of HYDRA. However, she stumble upon Andrew’s cell. He was the one bit of help that she could get. The real problem was whether she was willing to risk accepting his help and free him or keep him locked up. She opted for freeing him and taking a risk on him.

What did you think of the episode?

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