The Flash – “Running to Stand Still” Midseason Finale Review

When you open an episode with Zoom attacking someone who’s been helping team Flash you’ve got me. When that person he’s attacking is Harry. I’m drawn in more. Harry’s declarations and determination to keep his daughter safe was a big deal. I was lost when he said Merry Christmas. It just felt so out of place and cheeky that it ruined what should have been an intense moment. That said at the end of the day Wells was sucked into Zoom’s plot in order save his daughter.

The Flash - "Running to Stand Still"Iris is finally coming clean about Wally. It seems that the holiday season is just the right time for her to finally come clean about the secret eating away at her. When Iris finally told her dad, we got another tremendous Joe scene in which he sucked in and processed all that was going on. Joe is repeatedly given this really heavy material and he feels good. He’s feeling really guilty for not being there for his son. It was nice to see that Barry was there to support him and make it clear that Joe would have been a wonderful father because Joe was there for him. What was a really big important move was that Joe gave Barry his watch to affirm that he was his son.

Weather Wizard made another appearance, breaking out not just Captain Cold, but also Trickster. What was interesting was that Weather Wizard was getting cocky after seeing Zoom stomp on The Flash. Snart was reasonably skeptical about the plans for grandeur, knowing that Barry is not one to be underestimated. Snart gave Barry a heads up on what they wanted to do. Barry took that as an opportunity to point out that Snart is a pretty terrible villain. Weather Wizard on the other hand was back sporting new powers, like the ability to fly. I will give them that they approached this new fight with The Flash with a plan that was far more difficult for Barry to combat. He was forced to just stay there and take a beating or a hundred bombs randomly around the city would go off. Thankfully, Barry has a great team and they were able to dispose of the bombs before they killed him.

The Flash - "Running to Stand Still"The release of Weather Wizard had Patty on edge. Her guilt over what happened to her father was overwhelming to the point that she became reckless. Going after the Weather Wizard alone is not a good plan for anyone, especially not a single cop walking in with heightened emotions. It was a recipe for disaster, but she did it anyway and then fell off the radar when Barry tried to make sure that she was okay. She was like a completely different person. When she saw the opportunity to go after Weather Wizard and exact her revenge she went as far as ensuring that The Flash was stopped. He managed to talk her down, but she was a shadow of herself and she saw it. This all forced Barry to confront his own problems with Harrison.

-Joe knows about Barry
-Snart is showing his good side
-Caitlin and Jay kissed
-First meeting of Wally

What did you think of the episode?

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