American Horror Story: Hotel – “She Wants Revenge” Review

The Countess’s wedding is coming. So of course the Countess took it upon her to go back to sleeping some of the other people that she’d been sleeping with. Well she’s sleeping with a lot of people because the Countess plays people like a fiddle.

We learned how Ramona Royale handled her falling out with the Countess. She went home. However it wasn’t sunshine and daisies. Her mother died not long after her arrival. Then her father’s Alzheimer’s got worse. All until her father was attacked. She turned her own father, but he never got better. For 20 years she lived with his Alzheimer’s until something happened that made her stop it. She had to kill him. Once she came out of that well of peace and care her rage against the Countess resumed. She thought she had a partner in Donovan, but he only fell back into the Countess’s grasp and betrayed Ramona.

Alex finally looked in on those kids. They were eating so many people. There was literally a stack of dead bodies. All the kids killed their parents. It was outrageous. How they weren’t already caught is beyond me. The only assumption that I can make is that any one who came around questioning just ended up another dead. Still that’s a lot of people dead and there would be more people out looking. Seriously it just doesn’t make any sense and it doesn’t take long to realize how ridiculous it is.

The more that I watch this season the more chaotic and disjointed this season feels. With American horror Story that is not always uncommon. In fact, I largely expect this show to not feel cohesive and in many ways unbalanced. However this season feels even more unfocused. The show is not following a common story line. Instead we have a few many story lines that weave in and out of each other. The biggest problem this season has is actually that for the first time there are no characters that I’m actually rooting for. There is an end point that we are expecting, but I honestly don’t know what it is. Now that she married Will Drake and got his hotel there isn’t much for left other than the final kills of the Ten Commandments Killer. We just know too little of The Countess’s motivations to know too much of what is going to fill four more episodes.

What did you think of the episode?

2 thoughts on “American Horror Story: Hotel – “She Wants Revenge” Review

  1. I am unhappy to say that, especially coming off of last week’s episode, I can’t really find anyone to root for anymore. Except for maybe Liz, but even she’s rather dubious because of her association with the hotel and the Countess. Although Liz is at least expressing her dissatisfaction with the Countess now.

    • I can agree with you there. Liz is probably the one character to champion, but she is given so little screen time and is so tangential to the main plots that I’m not sure what I’d be rooting for.

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