Arrow – “Dark Waters” Midseason Finale Review

It’s a low blow to go after innocents at a volunteer event. Yet, that shouldn’t be surprising when HIVE attacked the bay. Those were innocent people including children. It was the last straw for Oliver and they decided something needed to be done. Oliver’s response to this attack was him calling Darhk out to the media. By bringing attention to Darhk, the pressure was put on him. However this call to action meant that Oliver couldn’t back down and had to continue on with his holiday party.

Arrow - "Dark Waters"Of course the holiday party went south when Darhk crashed the party with tons of guns. Other than attacking Oliver, he decided not to hurt him by moving on him, but by taking the people Oliver loves most, his best friend, his sister, and the woman he wants to marry. This only made Oliver madder and sent him on a rampage. Merlyn, unsurprisingly delivered. One thing Merlyn is good for is making sure that his daughter is protected so with his resources it made sense that he was the first one to get solid information on how to find Felicity, Diggle, and Thea. It was an elaborate plan that almost took a turn for the worst. They barely all got out alive. While that explosion would have killed everyone else, Darhk came out safe.

Diggle is still struggling with the reality of his brother’s corruption. It is beyond just Andy being under control of Darhk. It is also about how much Andy has changed. This isn’t the man that is John’s brother. It is someone else who cares nothing about his family. He seems to show no regret or remorse.

Arrow - "Dark Waters"Felicity’s Mom is around again. She’s always a delight and a bit of humor on the show. Not only was she helping decorate the loft for Oliver’s benefit (making sure that some of Felicity’s Jewish heritage made it’s appearance), but also poking around in things. In doing so she stumbled upon the engagement ring. What I actually found most interesting was that Felicity actually seemed happy about it. When things finally came to light and Felicity approached him it was interesting to see how upset she was that things changed. it became clear that while she may have been a previous moment of darkness and doubt in their relationship, she does truly love him. Throughout the episode we saw them fight and struggle with what could be done. So it made sense that she said yes when he finally did propose. Their happiness didn’t last long because as they drove off they were attacked and Felicity ended up shot and in critical condition.

Even funnier was Felicity accidentally running into her mom and Quentin making out in the middle of the party. It was nice seeing them together. However, the more that I see her mom settling in with Quentin, the more I’m fearing that Quentin will be the one in the grave at the end of the season.

-Felicity’s mom found the ring
-Felicity’s mom left a giant kiss mark on Quentin’s face
-“They have your sister.” “She can take care of herself.”
-Oliver proposed in front of a giant crowd
-Felicity was shot

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