Crystal Kingdom by Amanda Hocking

Crystal Kingdom by Amanda Hocking
Crystal Kingdom
by Amanda Hocking
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I didn’t think I was going to end up enjoying this story quite as much as I did. After reading the first two books in the series I had come to the conclusion that I was quite fond of the pacing and story telling in this story. I certainly didn’t love it, but it had an addictive quality that made me want to read more. There is something to be said about a book that is able to capture you enough that you are constantly turning the pages and not wanting to put it down. This book did that and like all the books in the series I flew through it.

Now that I’ve read the whole trilogy, I definitely feel like this probably should have been a duology. That said it wasn’t this book that made me feel that way. Looking back, books one and two could have been combined into one. This one however felt packed with action. The plot felt solid. I just overall enjoyed my time reading a book that felt like it was more tightly plotted.

There were a number of things that ended up feeling telegraphed. I could tell that one of two characters was going to end up dying. I’ll admit that I wasn’t sure which it would be for a while, but I knew it would happen. Eventually, I did figure it out, but it did allow me to sequal quite a bit. Sure, I ended up rooting for the underdog after a while, but it was hard not to when you saw the two of them near each other.

Bryn had a focus that made everything feel on target. Whereas previously, she was bumbling in the dark trying to figure things out, she knew enough of what was going on to be effective now. It was nice seeing her not just spinning her wheels, but actively moving toward an end goal. That’s not to say she knew everything at first. There were still things that needed to be discovered, but now she knew where to look.

Overall, I ended up enjoying this book the most out of the entire series. It had this feeling of epicness and betrayal as we progressed through the final leg of the story. All the while, we were able to get to know new characters and old ones better in a way that can be sometimes ignored in final books.

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