X-Men Apocalypse Trailer

It’s been a while since I’ve done a talk about a trailer, so this is a great return to form. I love trailers. I have since I was little. Sometimes I would movie hop, just to get a chance to watch trailers early. This may have been because when I was little the only way to watch the full trailers was by getting to a movie early, which never happened. When I got a little older, I could watch them online, but before Youtube, they just weren’t quite as accessible. So now I relish trailers and this time we’ve got an X-Men Apocalypse trailer.

Some Set Up

In case you didn’t know X-Men Apocalypse is going to be following a story revolving around the mutant known as Apocalypse. Originally his name was En Sabah Nur and he was an Egyptian thousands of years ago, but I’ll get into him in a moment. You may be more confused by the different set up that the mutants we’ve come to know are in. X-Men: Apocalypse takes place approximately 10 years in the future from Days of Future Past at some point in the 80s. If you’ve been following since X-Men: First Class we are roughly twenty years in the future. Thus while we have the mainstays we’ve come to expect in Raven Aka Mystique, Charles, Erik aka Magneto, and Hank aka Beast, there will be additions as well in the likes of the younger generation of X-Men. What their role will be isn’t quite clear. What is clear is that the threat of Apocalypse will be uniting mutants who aren’t being controlled as Apocalypse tries to pass judgment on the human race.

The Trailer

One of the things that X-Men: Apocalypse doesn’t shy away from is showing Apocalypse. That is a good thing considering he’s going to be a foe. Yet, we never spent too much time on him, focusing instead on the he said she said and the control he has over the mutants. This really worked because we didn’t get time to linger on him. He felt like more of a threat than if he was stomping around the screen throwing threats. Instead we saw actions and that is a much stronger way to use him. On the same token, we got a glimpse of most of the new characters that are being added in. That includes Jean Grey, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Storm, Jubilee, Psylocke, Angel (or Archangel). As well as the return of Havok, Quicksilver, and Moira McTaggert.

All that said, I did have a problem with the trailer. It boils down to excitement. A trailer is supposed to entice someone to watch a movie. It is supposed to be exciting and not feel like a persuasive essay. When I watched this, I felt like it was trying too hard to hit certain check marks. Show Apocalypse. Show the devastation he can cause. Show the young mutants. Show Mystique, Charles, and Magneto. It was hitting all these different points but not once did it feel exciting. I got the point yes, Apocalypse is a big bad older than time. He sees himself as a god and collects a group of mutants to serve as his minions. I was just waiting to feel excited and at the end of the day, the stills that have been released felt more exciting to me.

None of this means that I don’t think the movie will be good or enjoyable. I just think that the trailer was trying too hard to be something persuasive when it didn’t need to be. All that this trailer needed to do was be exciting. Or at least engrossing. In some cases that can be an indictment of the movie and how it may be, but I’m not sure. I think the problem was that it was too focused on telling us what the movie was going to be about that it became somewhat chore like.

I’ll admit that while I didn’t love this trailer, I still got the feels. Knowing that some of my favorite characters are coming back into the fold is exciting. And underneath hyperfocus of the trailer, I can see the fun and excitement that could be.

What did you think of the trailer?

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