Z Nation – “Day One” Review

This weekwe got to see a bit about where each of these characters were when zombies started knocking at their doors. Some of these sections were definitely better than others and you could tell that from the sequences some scenes were better than others.

I’m glad that their inclusion of Citizen Z was done in an interesting way. Rather than continue to linger over his lack of progression at his post, we learned something more about his situation. He was about to be imprisoned for a long time due to his hacking. Instead, The NSA offered him a position. The thing that made it interesting was the fact that the NSA already knew about zombies. That made it even more interesting to know that Simon was in on what was going to happen all along.

We also saw Warren in her life with the national Guard. She was all in with the people. However her col leadership demeanor was still in place. Warren had orders and she followed them. However what made it interesting was seeing her reaction to her first zombie. She hadn’t yet entered crazy town status. Within minutes we saw everything go to crap around her. All the people that had just been alive and well around her had turned. Thankfully (even though unbelievably) she knew right away to go for headshots.

Doc worked in an office as a counselor. he was a big riding recovering addict. The thing was I completely believed that was something that Doc would have been doing. However. By the time we got to Doc we didn’t see all that much of their every day lives. However, we did get enough to know that he was a therapist who was pretty well respected among his colleagues. There was a very odd voiceover in the middle that gave us his thoughts. It was interesting to see that he figured things out pretty quickly and went to defend himself. The end of the world actually triggered him to start using drugs after five years clean.

Z Nation - "Day One"Then we saw Addy who was watching a hockey match that Mack happened to be playing in when things went bad. Addy fled, while Mack and a team mate took of their skates and used them as weapons along with their hockey sticks. While Mack’s fellow teammate ended up dead someone impaled by his own skate, Addy and Mack made a run for it. I licked seeing the pair together again. it made it really clear that they didn’t just come across each other early on, but from the very beginning.

Let’s be honest. I love 10k. There’s just something about him. However, watching his flashback made me angry. Not only was his section a combination of not being well written and not having the best acting, he was a fool. He bumbled around like this tiny idiotic kid. it just felt so odd and worthless. I actually felt like he should have met his end. At least he wouldn’t have been annoying any more. However we did see the moment when 10k finally got his first guy. Here’s to hoping that we don’t see awkward scenes with 10k like that again.

With Vasquez we are brought in with just how fresh the deaths of his wife and daughter was. He was in the midst of mourning when he was attacked. I liked how he thought he was going mad at first. When he slowly learned that the rattling noises he was hearing wasn’t him going crazy or rats, he was confronted with his first zombie. All the rage that had built up in him was released quickly and savagely. However, he lost it when he saw that the noise really had been his wife and daughter breaking out of their coffins. I could have done without the pained screamining.

Z Nation - "Day One"Murphy as we already know was in prison. What we didn’t know was that he had initially escaped. He was shady then, just as he is shady now. Unsurprisingly, when things started to look bad he was the first person out of there. Also not surprising was that he also locked people out.

In the present, the group lost all their cars and were back on foot. However, it was troublesome seeing that the rubble they were walking through was once Disneyland. It is a funny joke to have, but if that’s all the was left it was truly depressing. However in the end they made it to the location, now they just need to see if it’s safe.

What did you think of the episode?

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