Supergirl – “Hostile Takeover” Review

Astra still wants Kara to work with her or to get out of her way, by way of death. Astra is proving to be a thorn in Kara’s side. However, her taunting is troublesome. Astra is still convinced that she could bring Kara to her side. We see again and again that Astra doesn’t want to kill her niece. There’s something sentimental about Astra. She truly believes that she is doing good. That makes her a villain that is a bit more complicated than just taking her out. The interactions we see between Kara and Astra when they are actually talking to each other were particularly effective. You got the sense that they really did care for each other at a time.

Supergirl - "Hostile Takeover"It wasn’t surprising that Allora’s capture was a ruse. It was only so Astra had a chance to speak to Kara. She wanted to still try to convince her neice to come to her side of this fight. However, it was only the secondary goal. Astra was a diversion to the real attack Non was leading. the fight was far from over at the end of the episode, but it was definitely interesting.

Cat Grant is having issues with her business. Her emails were hacked and given to journalists. Thankfully she hasn’t really done anything wrong. Sure, there were some interesting things she did like ask out Idris Elba, she’s been in the clear. The real problem was the emails were exposed from within her company. It turned out it was actually the board that was trying to oust Cat.

Through this we learned that Cat had another son, an older 24 year old son named Adam Foster. They were able to piece things together when they found payments and Kara recalled sending Christmas cars to an A Foster. However, this jut drove Cat to decide that rather than further cause pain tot he son she didn’t keep fighting for, she would orchestrate and exit from CatCo.

Supergirl - "Hostile Takeover"What was even better was that Cat finally pieced together that Kara was super girl. I’m glad someone finally realized it. There were so many bits and pieces that it was only time. I’m mad she didn’t do it sooner. However, what was even better was that cat seemed genuinely pleased. Over the season so far we’ve seen Kara get closer to Kara to the point that she sees Kara. She even offered Kara a job whenever kara may have ended up. More importantly is the fact that Cat knows. This can either be a good or a bad thing for Kara. It means exposure or another potential ally on her side.

I also need to mention how satisfifying it is to see Henshaw fighting using his abilities. The effects on him are really well done.

What did you think of the episode?

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