The Expanse – “The Big Empty” Review

One of the things that is selling the Expanse so much is the fact that visually the show looks beautiful. Literally everywhere they go

The Expanse - "The Big Empty"Holden is so upright with his beliefs. He is the kind of guy with such staunch morals that he wants what is right to be done. That doesn’t always mean that what is done is by the book or is all that smart when considering the safety of his people, but what he believes to be the right thing to do in general. Holden is operating with a crew that is scared, they are shocked, things are not good and they have to keep going. Holden is in charge of keeping these people going.

The problem was that they were having issues within the ship and the air lock went to crap. That meant they needed to vent the entire ship in order for Holden and Amos to do the work. Things got more tense when Alex’s breather crapped out and the only option Shed had to save him was to share his air, which bought them some time, but not enough. It was sheer luck that they got back inside to get the air they needed. In the end they all were alive.

They were a highly functional team able to figure out that the tech involved was from Martian ships. Thus it didn’t bode well that the reply they received from their hail was from the Donnager, a Martian ship. They all realize that it isn’t a good thing. holden decides to make everything public. By letting people know that they were going to be taken on board

The Expanse - "The Big Empty"It was interesting to see that the way they showed that the Belters were subjected to rations and restricted materials was showing that Miller couldn’t finish taking his shower before his water ration was exceeded and cut off. He also got to show off some cool tech that altered his voice to sound like Julie Mao’s to explore her apartment. So obviously the case Miller got caught up in involved people stealing water. Miller let the kid they captured go. But what is really interesting is that he may be seeing glimpses not of his ex wife Candace, but hallucinations of her because the encounter he had with her at the end of the episode was far more kind than their previous encounter at the bar.

Even though Julie Mao is currently MIA we are given a good sense of her character. She feels alive and vital as we see bits and pieces of her. A picture of her is being painted as we learn more about her. She feels as much as pat of the cast as anyone else.

The Expanse - "The Big Empty"Then there is Chrisjen Avasarala who is torturing Belters for information on the OPA. Her previous technique of using gravity torture was shut down, instead letting the Belter be in peace inside a tank. Sure, the Belter is still being held, but now in more comfort. He was being shipped somewhere else when he used gravity to his advantage for a change killing himself.

Differences from the book

Ade not having a South African accent is still throwing me off.
Ade is keeping some sort of secret from Holden.
They used video messages to convey Julie’s messages to her parents.
Gravity torture is a thing.
There is more animosity between Holden and Amos than in the book.
Naomi is taking charge of the ship more than Holden.
Amos didn’t pull
The Donnager didn’t look like the giant square office building like it was described.

What did you think of the episode?

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